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Apr 2, 2014

This news is bad, extremely bad. It is reported in FIFA's website that FC Barcelona has been banned from the transfer market for two consecutive transfer windows after they were found in breach of a number of regulations regarding international transfer of minor players. As per the report Barcelona would not be allowed to sell or buy players until the summer of 2015. Please visit FIFA site for more details - FC Barcelona Banned from Transfer Market. The Club's first response has been on the expected line with a promise to look into it and appeal the same. It was not only Barca who were sanctioned, but the Spanish Federation was also fined for alleged breach of regulations. It has to be seen whether Barca's defense of this issue would revolve around Spanish federation allowing the registration of players?

Unless we get some reprieve we are in serious trouble here. We were expected to splash some cash around and make some necessary changes to strengthen the team. Puyol and Valdes are expected to leave at the end of the season, and if this situation prevails we can forget about signing any replacements. That was not all after sleeping at the job for last few years the Barca management was expected to make necessary addition to defense this summer, now even that's long gone; at least at the moment. Now we have to wait to see how FIFA adjudge our appeal?

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