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Apr 26, 2014

You should never get nervous about anything. What today seems important tomorrow isn't so any more.Tito Vilanova

Tributes have been flowing from all directions to the Club following the tragic death of the ex-Barca manager. Every club in Europe and League has expressed their sorrow at the death of Tito Vilanova. The death of our former manager came as a huge shock as we pretyy much believed he was past his worst health issues. How wrong we were? Behind all the brave face, he put up to lift our spirits, he was fighting his biggest battle, sadly to which he lost his life. He is survived by his wife Montse Chaure and two children, Carlota and Adrià. Their loss has been irreplacable and let's all pray for God to give them the strength to overcome this loss.

The above quote from Vilanova sums up our situation brilliantly. This season has been one of a tragedy for us. Three weeks ago we were fighting for all the competitions and yet another treble was in sight. But within a span of few days the whole world crashed down - exited two championships and practically gave up the La Liga title. It appeared the whole world was against us and everything was going bad for us. The news of our ex-Manager's death dwarfs the issues faced in the season. It won't matter now that we may end up with no trophy this season, it doesn't matter that our system may have broken down; only thing which matter now is that we lost a loved one so early. He was only 45 and it seems cruel to his family and friend that he was taken away from them so early.

Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola have spent their time as young boys in La Masia. It is that friendship which brought them together working as a team first for Barca B and then for the first team. Both of them believed in the Barca's tiki-taka style, and that was the reason the club had no doubt about whom to replace Guardiola. Tito Vilanova was the only choice at that time. May be we could argue about that decision now especially about the Champions league debacle. But the simple fact is we won the league with a record 100 points in a season where our manager struggled with his illness. That is a no small achievement by any means.

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