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Apr 25, 2014

Dani Alves future at Barca has been under constant speculation for the past one year. Some expect the club to cash in on a player who was the main stay to Barca's success but also is approaching 30. There is a school of thought that if we are going to make money out of Alves, then that moment would be right now. Barca fans are totally split on Alves. His form may have been bit patchy lately and his crosses has failed to reach the targets. But they do realize that his defensive fragility is due to the fact that he is getting stretched on the right with make shift central defenders alongside him. The management may not mid cash in on the players especially his open outburst against Rosell for selling Abidal. Whatever the case, a final decision will be made by the player and the club after the World Cup.

In the eventuality of Dani Alves moving away from the club, Barca looks like has already identified a replacement. That player would be Fiorentina's Juan Guillermo Cuadrado who has been in pretty good form this season. The tarnsfer of the Columbian could be made even if Alves decides to stay as the Damocles sword of Transfer Ban is hanging over our head. Ideally the club should splash the cash early and seal the deal, but knowing this management they would prefer to wait till the end. Anways at least in dentifying Cuadrado the management has displayed a rare sense of understanding. Hope this continues.

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