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Apr 7, 2010

Fans Across the World is awed at the brilliance of Lionel Messi

The World is slowly coming to terms to what they saw last night at the Camp Nou. The appreciations are pouring on Barca's No.10 from all directions. After the hat-trick against Zaragoza, media houses based on Barcelona were struggling to find adjectives to describe what they saw. But last night that feeling spread to all over the planet, especially to England. Following the Zaragoza match I wrote an article about the hottest topic of Maradona vs Messi Debate, in that I pointed that after the successive hat-tricks even Madrid based Media houses were forced to feature Messi's heroics on front page, eventhough they could only figure him on a small corner. After yesterday's destruction of Arsenal FC, Marca featured "The Little Messiah" on the front cover asking the million dollar question - "How Are We Going To Stop Him?". The English based media always has a reluctance to recognize the superiority of Lionel Messi. But such was the effect of yesterday's demolition that all of the English press is still continuing singing praises to Messi. I am not going to write anything special here but just going to post some pics which I found around the internet. The best article I found on the net is this beautiful article written by Sid Lowe on Guardian - Spain Hails The Messiah. Do not miss that. If that article was all about the World's reaction to Messi's brilliance, find the best match reporting here by Dominic Fifield on the Guardian Messi Destroys Arsenal.

When the first leg of the Quarter Final ended with honours even, Arsenal Fans all around the planet were bragging about how they stopped Messi. But yesterday gave everyone a reality check, no offence intended. With such consistent and dazzling performance Lionel Messi is rapidly rising above his peers. As Xavi pointed out it is unfair to compare Messi with today's players, as he would make them look ordinary. Ronaldo may still not acknowledge the brilliance of Lionel Messi, but who cares what he thinks. Maradona, Pele, Cryuff, Stefano etc have been the greatest football players the world has seen. And if Messi continue this form he will end up becoming another great in the history, but for the time-being the greats won't mind a comparision with the "El Pulga".

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