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Apr 21, 2010

Inter Destroys Barca with with a spectacular performance

FC Barcelona's dream of defending their Champions League crown at Bernabeu is in great danger after they came a cropper against a very determined Inter side. Pedro gave Barca an undeserving lead in the 19th minute but Wesley Sneigder, Maico and Milito all scored to register a comfortabale victory for Inter. In the Preview to the match, - Barca vs Inter Preview I have pointed that Guardiola has to get his tactics spot on. But it was a night were he came a distant second to "The Special One". His team's attitude throughout the match was poor and once again he had two unused substitute in a crucial match like this. Many may argue that the long bs journey took by Barca as a big factor in this disppointing performance but for me that is a silly excuse. Most of the players were sloppy, losing possession on more occasion. Even the great Xavi, who had a better night compared to his team-mates was sloppy at times in possession. I did argue a case of the 4-2-3-1 formation, as I was sure that Ibrahimovic would start; but Guardiola went with the traditional 4-3-3 formation. Alves, Puyol, Pique and Maxwell formed the defense in front of Valdes. Keita, Xavi and Busquets the midfield and Messi, Ibra and Pedro formed the front trio.

Barca Struggle from the begining against Inter

Barca had plenty of possession at the start of the match, but Inter was looking as a more solid side. In the 10th minute Barca had their first scare when Milito was played in but was wrongly judged offside. In the 17th minute Eto tested Valdes with a great shot, Valdes made a mess of it and the rebound fell to Milito who shot wide of the far post. Inter was made to pay for that miss, when a sudden collapse of concentration resulted in Maxwell
getting the space to run into the box from left side, he then squared the ball to Pedro who made no mistake with the finish. In the 22nd minute Lucio had a great chance to equalise but headed wide from a great position. Then in the 29th minute Sneijder equalised for Inter; the move started with Eto'o driving the ball to Milito in the centre who oplaced the ball into Duthman's path. The rest of the half had nothing much of action. The Inter defense cut down all the attack by Barca, if they failed then Ibrahimovic did well for them.

Every Barca fan was expecting a solid show from their team in the second half. But from early on the indication were there that it is going to be a rocky day. In the 46th minute Milito send in a great ball from the right but was a bit too long for Pandev. In the 48th minute Maicon put Inter ahead from a move started by Inter grabbing the ball from Messi near their box. If first half was sloppy by Barca, they were bettering that in the second half. Then in the 53rd minute Messi tested Caesar with a great shot, but the goal keeper was upto it. In the 54th minute Busquets had a free header from a corner but headed close to the goal keeper. In the 61st minute Milito sealed the match and may be the semi-final for Inter with a header after Sneijder mistimed his header from a Eto'o cross. In the 77th minute Cambiasso produced a superb block when pedro was about to score after receiving a great ball from Xavi. In the 78th minute Júlio César pulled a great save to deny a Messi free kick. Barca was pressing hard in the end minutes knowing that another goal they will have the advantage. But that wasn't meant to be.

FC Barcelona has pretty much placed a foot off the Champions League bus with a performance like this. We may have an away goal but it may not count to anything. This Inter side has come off age after getting battered by Barca early in the group stage. Guardiola's inaction did cost Barca the match. It was clear in the first half that Ibrahimovic i simply filling up the number. But instead of taking him off and bring on Henry he continued with him. Alves, Keita and Busquets were the majority culprits giving away possession cheaply. The better players were Puyol, Pique and Xavi. Never understood why Guardiola didn't substitute the worst players with someone like Henry. Messi was kept quite by the Argentinian duo of Cambiasso and Zannetti. Eto'o has been excellent throughout the match and did remind Guardiola of his value. Sneijder was for me the man of the match. Barca now faces the mission impossible. They have to win by atleast two goals to stand a chance of qualifying. Looking at this moment it looks like a lost task but who knows.

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quophi said...

pep lost the match in the second half. why does he play ibra in the first place? yaya is better suited for champions league matches more than busquets and pep failed to see that. we only have to point fingers at ourselves for the loss. it will be very hard to come out of this. inter will not play defensive away.they will look to pressure us and get an early goal...but this is the champions league. Where is Iniesta.. i am already missing him...

messi said...

Barca definitely plays below par, and we all can see its not the usual Barca.

i dont think its mission impossible. I still believe Barca can slay Inter at home! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i don't know what pep is thinking, but if u have Ibra as CF, and a 8-man on box defense by Inter, a more logical way to attack is playing wide on the flank, and send good high balls to him and pray for a good header. which Alves failed quite hardly today.

You might not get goals this way, but it certainly put a lot more pressure on Inter, and make them sit deep. hence allow Xavi to come foward to organize better penerations, as Iniesta is missing-_-

Jag Reehal said...

Things aren’t going well for Ibra at the moment the team plays better without him. It’s a shame Henry is coming to the end of his career (or certainly plays that way), but why not put on Bojan instead of playing Maxwell up front?

As for the criticism of Busquets don’t forget he did actually play in the final last year when we won it.

We definitely need Iniesta back.

Bibin said...

It's quite strange - in the Copa Del Rey match against Sevilla, Pep got his line-up wrong. In this match he failed to read the game, looks like we might be going out of competition. We can definitely win at Camp Nou, provided Xavi and Messi are in their best form.

Anonymous said...

selling eto'o for ibra was a BIG mistake....he is ruining the awesomeness of Barca...and yep, i'm missing iniesta...

Anonymous said...

Ibra is just plain lazy. he does not attack the ball. he waits for the ball to land on his foot.

Bujon is so much better. The kid is hungry for a chance.

i love barca but they looked like high schoolers standing and watching Inter play with the ball.

Dani is out of control. he is good but not to the point that his temper creates problems for the team. he should stop throwing himself on the ground and concentrate on making passes.

Monch said...

If there is not some secret, like an internal conflict, Fcb will easily knock out this inter team out of competition next week. this barca team is one of the greatest teams in the history of the club. I am sure something was wrong with the mentality of the players last night. they were not playing with gladness and were not fully motivated. they would lose the ball too easily and showed no interest what so ever in getting it back. if everything is OK with the unity of the team, beating inter at home by 2 goals to 0 wont be an impossible task. you should know it better than any one else,Bibin. other wise i do share your correct points of view about how tactically things were wrong. koorosh

Anonymous said...

barcelona is barcelona they played saturday and they left spain early in the morning it was a long ride the ref was not parcial in game and third goal was offside,be patient they going to play in spain and you will see the differnt; this game in italy was nobody falls

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon people are you seriously pinning this loss on Zlatan? In my oppinion he atleast tried a bit which is more than I can say for Messi in this match. The whole team played like shit and it's not a single persons fault but a teams fault including Guardiola's.

Hopefully they will wake up now after two bad games and step it up at home.

Unknown said...

It is very easy & often very irresponsible to blame One player for a defeat. You win and lose as a team. We have to realize that every team facing Barca is going to study every aspect of the squad. As we saw against Espanyol no team is perfect and the formula seem to be, harass the midfield and the playmakers hard and often. Ibra is certainly having a down period with his confidence and his physical fitness. That takes him out of his famous rhythm and touch. He was however never presented as a midfield playmaker, he is not built for that. He is a CF who needs to remember his physical advantage against most defenders. He needs to reclaim the urgency he played with in the early stages of La Liga, and regain the never give up attitude, that does not make him irrelevant. He is still a better forward and passer than Eto'o ever will be. He needs to drop back more and collect the ball. The same for Messi, he needs to realize he is a playmaker and may not score every game, but will and can provide for others, he also needs to drop back and collect. Guardiola must be willing to make more sudden adjustments even in Big games, not only in La Liga. It was a team failure. Both flanks need to attack and more often. The offside trap is not working every single time and good teams will ADJUST. There seem to some friction in the team and especially with Ibra and the lack of goal production and that's not helping. Ibra seems to need a lot of conditioning to be fit again, that needs to be addressed along with more in game tactical changes. Guardiola will ride the storm. Above all Have Faith

Bibin said...

Do agree with the fact that the failure against Inter is a collective one. But I firmly believe that starting with Henry instead of Ibra will be the right step as we need early goals to go to Bernabeu.

Unknown said...

I would drop back Messi in between the forwards & possibly play Bojan. He is comfortable in Camp Nou.

Bibin said...

Bojan against Lucio and Samuel could be risky. Eventhough I have seriously liked his attitude in recent matches where he started. Just look at the Arsenal return leg. He may not have any great shot statistics in that match, but he linked well with Messi, ran all around the place , kept on pressing, dropped back to link with midfielder. But I still believe Henry could be the right choice as his experience and pace could come handy. Remember the Stuttgart return leg.

Anonymous said...

i had a dream of the game tonight, we're definitely going to play our hearts out and i'm always going to be a barca fan, maybe one day i'll cut the pitch for free, ha ha ha

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