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Sep 12, 2010

Hercules' Nelson Valdez (L) and Abel Aguilar celebrate a goal against Barcelona during their Spanish first division soccer match at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, September 11, 2010. REUTERS/Albert Gea (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER IMAGES OF THE DAY)

FC Barcelona suffered their first defeat of this years La Liag season at Camp Nou infront of an almost packed house. Let's just hope they don't do this often as we may not be able to afford the same. The team can be rated as a 5 out of a scale of 10. So let's get to the business straight away.

Victor Valdes - 8 - The Barca player on the pitch. He would have been hoping to have a quite laid off night, but ended having a pretty busy one. Couldn't have done anything on the two goals. Made quite a number of unbeleivable saves and he was the reason why the socreline was kept at 2-0.

Sep 17, 2009

Valdes - 6.5 - had nothing much to do throughout the match but did well when called upon.

Alves - 7 - Was good in defense and linked up well with Messi in attack. may not have been fully effective in attack that was because Chivu was having the best game of his life.

Puyol - 7 - May have looked out of position at times but was great with usual no nonsense approach. He did well in defense and was one of the best player on the pitch.

Pique - 7.5 - Had a great night. Was very active in cutting off al dangers. Abidal has to thank him for covering his mistake many time in the first half.

Abidal - 6 - Had a very poor first half, but looked ok in the second half. Couldn't do much in atatck as there was no link up between Keita and him.

Xavi - 8 - The best Barca player on the pitch. He created enough chances for Ibra to finish off the game but none was taken. Linked well with Messi and Alves. It is no surpriuse that all Barca attack started with him.

May 28, 2009

Valdes - 7.5 - When he spilled that free kick, I almost died. Thank God! Pique covered it up. Apart from that had a good night. Produced a good save to deny Ronaldo. He wasn't put under great pressure by ManU but still held his composure when called upon.

Puyol - 8 - He struggled against the pace of Rooney earlier on, but kept him under check with trademark last ditch defending. Once ManU moved into a 4-4-2 formation he simply controlled everything. He had Ronaldo in his pocket in the second half. Was very unlucky not to score a goal.

Toure - 7 - Played out of position but still held himself well. Struggled against Ronaldo's pace early on but with one goal cushion did well. Maybe he and his partner needs to thank the midfielders for that.

Pique - 7 - Was sloppy at time, still produced some crucial interventions. Struggled against Ronaldo early on.

Sylvinho - 7.5 - He was the oldest in Barca line-up, still held on admirably well against English Champions.

Xavi - 9.5 - What a game from the General. controlled everything. The cross which set up first goal was exquisite.

Busquets - 8 - Struggled early on but once Iniesta and Xavi took control played the perfect partner to them. A great performance taking into account his age and experience. Repaid the faith shown by his coach fully.

Iniesta - 10 - For me the Man Of The Mathc. He was simply amazing. No ManU Player were able to get hold of him.

Messi - 8.5 - May Not have been great throughout the match. But when he came to life, he looked as if he was from another planet. That header was awesome.

Eto - 8 - His goal was the reason why Barca was comfortable throughout the match. Great finish.

Henry - 7 - Didn't have a great match but had some chances.


Keita - 7.5 - Did well with the job he was assigned to.

Pedro - N/A - Time Killing substitution.

Man Of The Match - Andres Iniesta

May 18, 2009

Oier Olazabal - 6.5 - I liked him. He did look susceptible at times and should have done better for the first goal. But his coming off his line was excellent. Definitely a nice back-up for Valdes in future.

Alves - 6.5 - Did well defensively but as in last matches was not into his usual self in attack. May be we will not miss him too much in Rome.

Caceres - 7 - Good overall but has to improve on his positional sense. Got some serious challenges and tackles right.

Abidal - 6.5 - Was good throughout the match. Gave away the free kick which led to first goal. But overall had a decent match.

Sylvinho - 6.5 - He was solid and calm. Didn't go up that too much, but whenever he did he still oozez energy. Got some match practice for Rome.

Gudjohnsen - 6.5 - A decent outing maybe one of his last in Barcelona shirt. Looked so good when going forward.

Xavi Torres - 6 - Ok, give the guys some credit. It was his debut and he came out with his head held high. He is that kind of player who will make so much fouls. But with more experience he should improve. His ball distribution should definitely improve.

Hleb - 7 - He had three good chances but failed to get hold of any. But overall was decent in attack.

Pedro - 6 - Wasted a great oppurtunity given by Guardiola. Was good with his run but never was able to find any of team mates at the end of it.

Eto - 3.5 - Great finish for the goal. Wasted so many chances. What makes it more irritating is that he vere tried to be clever, a decent chip of flick woul have helped him finish but he still went on shooting low with much power.

Bojan - 8 - Great performance. I will be surprised if Guardiola overlooks him for Rome, if Henry don't start. He was at his creative best last night.

Man Of The Match - Bojan Krkic

May 7, 2009

Valdes - 8.5 - If Valdes is not going to get a new conrtract after this performance, then it would be surprising. Couldn't do a damn thing about the goal. Came forward eventhough hesitatingly to clear some dangers. Great save to deny Drogba, especially considering the outcome of the game.

Alves - 5 - Was poor in defense and offense. Simply gave away ball easily. Was lucky not to have conceded a penalty. His crosses were poor apart from the one to the build up to equaliser. GUardiola should dis-encourage him from taking free kicks.

Toure - 6 - Can't balme him. He has been the best DM all over the planet but when slotted to play Centre Back he simply failed. He played like a DM there. He might have closed on well but for me he was responsible for the confusion at the back.

Pique - 7.5 - Decent performance. Drogba got better of him every time, still he held on. It was good to see his spirited forray forward to get the equaliser.

Abidal - 6 - Was too slow on the left flank. He has kept Anelka under check. He was definitely lucky not to concede a penalty. The red card might be harsh, but he wasn't up to the mark.

Xavi - 6 - Moving Iniesta and Toure from midfield was a huge blow to Xavi. BUt he himself had an awful day.

Busquets - 2 - He was there to win the ball, but he hardly saw one. Pathetic display.

Keita - 3 - Better than Busquets, atleast I saw him with the ball occasionally.

Messi - 6 - Some good run but with no end product, that explains his day. Occasionaly he won against Cole but never had the confidence to cut inside and move into the box.

Eto - 4 - Pathetic troughout. Never linked with anyone. He was not at all committed to get the ball on the field.

Iniesta - 7.5 - The goal was great, but apart from that the defense kept him under check. He is better playing in the midfield or somebody should be there to supply him well.


Bojan(5), Gudjohnse (NA) and Sylvinho(NA)

Man Of The Match - Victor Valdes

May 3, 2009

Valdes - 8 - Should have done better with the second goal, but then he cannot be entirely blamed. But he came forward on many occassions to collect ball, a lack of this I have criticised many times in the past. Produced some crucial interventions.

Alves - 7.5 - Not a great performance, but was really good in going forward. Where was he in the second goal is still a question.

Pique - 9.5 - Great performance. I am not giving him ten because he lost some balls towards the end of first half. He had Robben completely under his check. And to cap it all he scored the 100th La Liga goal of this season, with a finish which would have made Eto jealous.

Puyol - 7.5 - Took his goal weel. But was erratic at times. People may complain that he is not upto his best after the injury break but he do inspire the team a lot.

Abidal - 7 - Struggled against Robben's pace in the first half but was decent since then. In the second half looked a bit dis-interested.

Xavi - 10 - He had a bad night against Chelsea, but here "The General" was back on song. Not even a single blemish. Failed to get into score sheet but had four assist for the night. The way he was turning past Madrid midfield and defense was a joke.

Toure - 8.5 - Solid as usual. Some will complaint that he did not venture forward, but do he really needs to? He is the guarantee which the likes of Iniesta, Xavi, henry, and Messi needs going forward.

Iniesta - 8.5 - Ok, a some what quiet night by his standard. But was there fully in retaining possession. I feel you have a better chance of Valdes scoring a goal than stealing a ball from Iniesta. Was a bit slow and for heaven's sake shoot man.

Messi - 9.5 - Missed a flurry of cances that's why no 10 for him. Great finish for both his goals and a great ball putting henry ahead in the first goal.

Eto - 7.5 - Ok, he was missing from the score sheet but did that really matter? He was much better than in his recent matches. Clearly was linking well with attack.

Henry - 9.5 - Another great performance from the old French legs. His speed put Ramos in trouble for most of tonight's match. Great finish for the two goals.


Keita (7.5), Krkic (7.5) and Busquets(7).

Man Of The Match - Xavi Hernandez

Apr 29, 2009

Valdes - 7.5 - Had kind of a quite night apart for the double save against Drogba. That denied Chelsea an away goal. How valuable was the save we can say only in the second leg.

Alves - 7 - Was theatrical throughout the match. But defended well. He should stop his unnecesssary play acting as it cuts the rhythm of the side. His crosses were poor apart from the one which set up Bojan header.

Marquez - 5 - Not much to do throughout the match. But his mistake which put Drogba infront of goal could have been worst had Valdes failed to deny him. And the night was made worst by his injury.

Pique - 7.5 - Decent performance, especially against the might of Drogba. But like his partner he also gave away the ball in a dangerous position.

Abidal - 7.5 - Solid performance. He was good in the left flank cutting down Essien's every effort. Most probably will have a greater job in the second leg.

Xavi - 6.5 - Obei Mikel marked him out of the attack. Could not find the usual self in attack, but was good in defense and regaining possession. But in a high profile encounter like this we expected much more from him.

Toure - 7.5 - Solid as Usual. Cut off most of Chelsea's attack and always won well against a defensively minded Cheslea midfield. But held the ball a bit longer when Barca ventured to attack.

Iniesta - 8 - Was decent in attack and defense. May not have created havoc as expected. But was a constant menance for Chelsea. He was the only one in our attack who used a bit of imagination.

Messi - 6.5 - A bit of run here and there, and some shots from outside box, that summed up Messi's day. Bosingwa's decision not to get out of their box meant he had no space to maneouvure with.

Eto - 6 - Never linked well with any of the players. But created a gem of a chance, should had the composure to pass the ball to Henry who was left unmarked.

Henry - 6 - Not a great performance and faded rapidly after the injury. But did troubled Ivanovic with his pace early on.


Puyol - 6.5 - He looked confident when he came in and almost had a good game but for that yellow card. Now he will be missing the return leg.

Bojan - 6 - Should have done better with the header, otherwise looked lively than Eto.

Hleb - 6 -Had a great chance but was denied by Cech.

Man Of The Match - Peter Cech

Apr 26, 2009

Valdes - 5.5 - Made some crucial saves. But his blunder which gifted Valencia the equaliser was the turning point of the match. If he had shown a bit of sense to punch the ball away rather than try to catch it, Barca would have heading to half-time with a goal lead. He was not the only one responsible for the poor game, but he played a big part in it.

Alves - 6 - Went forward in many occasion but also showed a tendency to leave his flank empty. Most of Valencia attack came from that flank. In defense he made some crucial intervention but stood as a mere spectator in the second goal.

Puyol - 5 - A very poor game. Was very clumsy with his challenges and should consider himself lucky to not been awarded a yellow card. Had me worried when it appeared that he had brought down Villa inside the box, the replays showed Villa went down easil. Distribution of ball was poor.

Pique - 7.5 - Much better than his captain. There were many crucial interventions. But his ball distribution was not upto the mark.

Abidal - 6.5 - Was decent in defense but was quiet going upfront.

Xavi - 5.5 - The general ahd a very bad night. Valencia closed down him too easily and the fact that Busquets had a poor night put too much pressure on him.

Busquets - 4 - Played a great part in the equaliser. Otherwise the worst player on the pitch. Never looked in control, gave away possession too cheaply and held on to the ball for long drawing challenges and breaking rhythm of attack.

Keita - 6 - Had an ok night interms of presence. But he couldn't produce anything from the middle.

Messi - 6.5 - A poor night by his own standards. Took his goal well. Made some great runs but was always cut off by the defense.

Eto - 6 - Worked hard but was very poor upfront. Gave away balls cheaply. We need him to show his class but he failed.

Iniesta - 8 - The best Barca player on the pitch. Great assist for the first goal and had some delightful ball played into box. He was handicaped by the fact that he had Busquets and Keita in the middle, hence he has to drift to middle to create anything.

Substitutes :

Henry - 8 - Great match turned the game with his intervention. Did well with goal.Was always involved from the moment he was brought in.

Gudjohnsen - 7.5 - Linked well and helped to tore the Valencia defense. Showed the presence of mind not to rush and touch Henry's lob for qualiser to goal as he would have been clearly offside.

Man Of The Match - David Silva

Apr 23, 2009

Valdes - 6.5 - Had a decent night. Kept another clean sheet. Now he has not conceded a goal for 632 minutes in the league. Looked a bgit more nervous in the end but was sloid otherwise.

Abidal - 7 - Was solid throughout the match. It's true that capel did get past him at some time. But that's ok. Otherwise did very well in defense and did contribute somewhat upfront.

Marquez - 6.5 - Another confident display. Did well throughout the match. Was the culprit in leaving Kone free for the header, luckily for him Kone wasted the chance. Had a long range shot brushing the bar.

Pique - 7 - Was better than his counterpart. Did well throughout except in some occasion against Capel. Had a great chance to enter the scoresheet but wasted it.

Alves - 7.5 - Left lots of spaces in defense but linked really well in attack. May be he was missing messi a bit.

Xavi - 9 - Another brilliant performance from the General. His understanding with Iniesta is out of this world. Took his goal really well. Was involved in most of Barca attack.

Toure - 8 - Great performance. Never noticed him in the entire match but was solid in cutting most of Sevilla moves. He gave Xavi the freedom to venture forward.

Keita - 7 - Had a decent game. Had a blocked shot. He has no problem going forward.

Iniesta - 9.5 - One goal and three assist, what can we say more. May be we will still demand more from him. Actuall he should had three more assist if xavi, Eto and Pique took their easy chances well. The best thing is he is improving in every match. This performance will force Barca fans to recognise that he is as good as Messi.

Eto - 8 - Wasted some chances but took his goal.Was involved very much in attack. It was good to see he getting involved after a couple of poor matches.

Henry - 8.5 - Two of the goals came after Henry stole the ball and that said everything about his performance. Converted his goal well from a tight angle.

Substitutes : Hleb (6), Bojan (6) and Sylvinho (6)

Man Of The Match - Andres Iniesta

Apr 19, 2009

Valdes - 7 - Had not much to do but was solid when called upon.

Alves - 7.5 - Was good while going upfront but left huge gaps in defense. He definitely missed the cover offered by Toure.

Marquez - 8 - Excellent performance by the Mexican. He was solid in defense and did produce some excellent interventions. His vital slight header was crucial in cleaing off an excellent chance for Getafe.

Pique - 8 - Another brilliant performance. Solid in defense and was good in attack. Would have great if he had got the goal from that over head kick.

Puyol - 7.5 - Was decent in a position which is not natural for him. After he has been slotted as a full back, he has got more confidence to some forward. He linked well with attackers.

Xavi - 8.5 - Another excellent performance by the midfield General. Covered really weel for an off-colour Busquets and created enough chances.

Busquets - 5 - Was the worst barca player on pitch. Never made his presence felt and was responsible for Getafe getting into game in second half.

Iniesta - 8.5 - Another brilliant performance. He was excellent in atatck creating chances after chance and was a constant headache for getafe defense.

Messi - 8 - Excellent performance. Is coming back to his usual form. Took his goal well.

Eto - 6 - Worked hard but was never in the game. Never synced with messi and like the Bayern match was responsible in cutting off many of Messi's moves.

Henry - 6.5 - Was too wasteful. Uncharacteristically was very casual in finish.

Substitutes : Keita (6), Bojan (NA)

Man of The Match - Stojkovic

Apr 15, 2009

Valdes - 7.5 - Made some crucial interventions. Couldn't do much for the goal as he was baffled by Ribery.

Alves - 7.5 - Good performance going forward and was decent at the back. Had trouble against Ribery but held on well throughout the match. His crosses did had the venom but none of his team mates could make anything out of it.

Puyol - 6 - No so great performance from the captain. He has been shuffled in all position recntly and that added to his misery. He was all over the place against Ribery.

Pique - 8 - His performance deserved a better rating but for those two mistakes. He played Ribery on for the goal and was lucky not to give away a penalty after pulling Toni down. Otherwise, a majestic performance.

Abidal - 7.5 - Solid performance. Started a bit shaky but with time improved and showed what we miss on the left flank till now.

Xavi - 8.5 - Best Barca player on the pitch. Controlled the game without wasting much energy and was rewarded with an entry in the assist column.

Toure - 8 - Solid as Usual. Didn't venture too much into attack but was solid in defense.

Keita - 7.5 - Was decent and took his goal well.

Messi - 7.5 - Wasn't as destructive as everyone hoped. His lack of sync with Eto cut down all his attacks.

Eto - 5 - Very pathetic game. Worked hard but was the culprit in cutting down many of Barca's attack. His first touch looked suspicious throughout the match.

Iniesta - 8 - Another good performance by "The Choir Boy". Played his part in the goal. Was quiet in firts half but came to life in second half.


Hleb - 6 - Was decent and linked up in some attack.

Man Of The Match - Frank Ribery

Mar 25, 2009

Valdes - 8 - Didn't have anything to do in the first half. But made three crucial intervention in the second half to make sure that a clean sheet has been kept. There were reports suggesting that he would be presented with a new contract and this performance will surely speed up things.

Alves - 8 - Great performance offensively on the right flank. Defensively he might have left spaces but it is necessay for us to have this gentleman in great form. Took his goal really well.

Marquez - 7 - Good performance, Was calm and confident throughout the match.

Caceres - 7.5 - Questions were raised about his ability. Did really well and was the better of both the centre backs.

Sylvinho - 8 - Great performance on the left flank. He is constantly defying his age and improving with each game. Guardiola could think of retaining his when Puyol comes back. Played a part in two goals.

Xavi - 9 - Sensationa Performance!!! He was back to his best. Took his goal well, produced a gem of passes to creat Henry's goal, put Eto ahead in Eto's first goal; What can we ask for now?

Toure - 6 - Was taken off very early.

Iniesta - 8.5 - Continuied his great recent form. Greta pass to create Alves goal. Only downside would be the injury and may be the fact that he failed to get into the scoresheet.

Messi - 8 - Good performance. What a goal, simply out of this world. But wasted some pretty easy chances. Was involved in most of attacks.

Eto - 8 - Linked deep in attack. Was involved well. Great finish for the first goal and took the second goal well.

Henry - 8.5 - Another great perfomance from the Frenchman. Scored one, created one and had shots saved by goal keeper. Went deep to help the defense too.


Keita - 7 - Good performance. He needed to be solid whne others are going forward and did just that.

Gudjohnsen - 6 - NOthing spectacular.

Bojan - 6.5 - Had a shot saved by goal keeper.

Man Of The Match - Xavi Hernandez

Mar 16, 2009

Valdes - 6 - Nothing much to do. Came out and sniffed out the danger when bot Marquez and Pique was compromised. I would have given him a higher score if he hasn't given that stupid pass which put Pique in danger.

Alves - 7 - Wasn't much effective in the first half. But woke up and did some damage in the second. Played a good part in the second goal. Overall a better performance than his recent matches.

Pique - 8 - Rarely troubled in the match. Did well to draw the foul when Valdes put him under pressure. Was clam and composed throughout the match.

Marquez - 7.5 - Like his partner was composed throughout the match.

Sylvinho - 7.5 - Did well defying his age. His crosses still has that venom. Worked really hard.

Xavi - 8 - Defensively he was master. Controlled the defense. In attack he was kind of subdued. He was suppoesed to provide the attacking instinct from middle and to a larger part failed in that.

Toure - 8.5 - Majestic. He was a defensive czar. Cut down any pass and move from all over the field.

Keita - 6 - Was practically ineffective. But he has this habit of getting into box and that almost paid in the 10th minute.

Messi - 7.5 - Was good in parts. Played a part in both the goals and that says for his talent.

Bojan - 6.5 - Was quite throughout the match. But took his chances well.

Iniesta - 9 - Brilliant! Absolutely Briliant. He is back to his best after the injury. Like Messi played a part in both goals. He was a constant threat all over the place.

Gudjohnsen(6), Hleb(5) and Eto(5).

Man Of The Match - Andres Iniesta

Mar 2, 2009

Valdes - 6 - Wasn't at fault at any of the goal. But he needs to bring up some saves to encourage his team mates. Was at fault for the disallowed goal early on. Dis produce some saves.

Alves - 4.5 - Had a poor game in defending and attacking. There was nothing to say about his performance.

Marquez - 5 - Was pathetic througout the match. Looked good early on but once the pressure built up, he just wilted away.

Puyol - 5 - Did produce some farntic intervention. But lacked confidence and failed to encourage his team mates.

Sylvinho - 5 - His lack of pace did trouble him a lot. Left lots of space and didn't link up with Henry.

Xavi - 5.5 - Produce some delightful balls but was main culprit behind Barca losing the midfield battle. He never pressed enough to get back the possession.

Toure - 5 - Pathetic game. Never showed any interest. Did produce some necessary intervention but failed completely in the broader aspect of match.

Gudjohnsen - 6.5 - Was better than his midfield counterpart. Produced some great balls. His finishing was suspicious. He didn't took any chance for that third goal.

Messi - 7.5 - The best Barcelona player in the field. Was good in the first half but lack of support meant that he slowly went out of the match.

Eto - 4.5 - Pathetic game. And what worries me is that this followed up a bad performance at Lyon. Missed some good chances. Produced a great pass for the third goal.

Henry - 7 - Was good with his finish. The first goal was sheer class. A much improved performance from the Lyon match.


Caceres - 6 - Better than Sylvinho.

<Man of The Match - Kun Aguero

Feb 22, 2009

Valdes - 5 - Had a decent night but his mistake which led to second goal was simply unpardonable, especially taking into consideration that Barca were reduced to ten men.

Alves - 6 - Was not that effective on the right. For a second match in succession he was not influential in offense and defense.

Pique - 6 - Had a better night than last one. Did struggle once Keita was sent off but still looked to go forward on every given oppurtunity.

Marquez - 6.5 - Had an excellent night till Keita was sent off after tthat naturally struggled.

Abidal - 7 - Was good till he was there and is interesting to see how Barca cope in his absence.

Xavi - 6 - Nothing special from the Spanish Midfield giant. Should have raised his game but failed miserably.

Toure - 7.5 - The best of Barcelona players. He was magnificient in defense and did much to attack also. Capped a good night with a goal but would be dissappointed to have lost the match.

Keita - 6 -Played ok till the red card. But is yet to reach his usual form.

Messi - 6.5 - Much was expected from him but failed. Especially after Keita was expelled everything rested on his shoulder. Guardiola's decision to put Busquets along with his didn't help.

Eto - 6.5 - Very poor display. Everyonje expected him to show something after his all week non-sense talking.

Henry - 6 - Missed a glorious chance and had to be substituted after keita red.


Puyol - 6 - had a poor night on the left. It would be good to try Caceres as Left back till Abidal returns.

Busquest - 6 - Struggled after coming in and moving forward.

Gudjohnsen - 6 - Had some half chances but failed to capitalise.

Man Of The Match - Ivan De La Pena

Feb 15, 2009

Valdes - 7.5 - Played his part well. Produced some excellent stops to keep Barca in the game. Couldn't do anything about the goals as his defense let him down. Still felt a bit confused coming from his line to claim long balls; but is proving again and again that in one on one situation he is the best in the world.

Alves - 6 - A real off day in both defense and attack. His killing crosses were missing throughout the match and failed to hold the left flank.

Pique - 5 - Worst of the center backs. His habit of committing early for challenges is becoming a head ache.

Caceres - 6 - Better of the two Center defenders. Wasn't confident but produced some essential stoppings. Was at fault for the first goal.

Abidal - 6.5 - Better of all the defenders. It's good to see he getting back to his best. May not have went forward that much but still was confident in defense. He should have tried to support Iniesta on the left in the first half. (I actually missed Abidal in my first write up, Thanks PEP for pointing this out)

Xavi - 6.5 - Not a great game from the midfield general. But he wasn't helped by a poor Busquets and Keita.

Busquets - 5 - Worst match of this season for the youngster. Didn't look assured. Got frustrated as game progressed.

Keita - 5.5 - Very poor game but it is normal as he is coming back from Injury.

Hleb - 3 - Pathetic game. Never contributed anything in attack; never tracked back to help defense. Was standing simply at the edge of box leabing Mark Goanzalez unmarked for the second goal.

Eto - 8 - Great game. Found his touch once again. The second goal was pure class. But it will be betetr he give the penalty taking job to Messi and Xavi. Pathetic penalty kick.

Iniesta - 8 - Was a constant threat throughout the match. Created the fist goal. Had some great run from the left.

Substitutes : Henry(7), Messi (6) and Bojan (6.5).

Man Of The Match - Ricardo (Betis' Goal Keeper)

Feb 9, 2009

Valdes - 6.5 - Not a busy day. Was unsighted for the goal. Came out early to collect the ball and thwart any danger in the first half.

Alves - 8.5 - There was an article in Guardian which said he would easily be the second best player in the world now after Messi. He proved it again, it was a shame that his illustrated colleagues wasted most of his crosses.

Puyol - 7.5 - Marshalled his boys well. Great leader and his presence calmed Caceres a lot.

Caceres - 7 - There were serious doubts about his ability. But he put that all to rest for the time being. Didn't do anything spectacular but was solid throughout the match.

Abidal - 7.5 - Showing clearly why we valued him and grabbed him from Lyon. May not be doing much upfront but sure is going to improve with each game.

Xavi - 7.5 - Had a decent game. Was quiet in creating chances. But controlled the midfield like a General.

Busquets - 7.5 - Solid in the midfield.

Iniesta - 8.5 - Best man on the pitch. Controlled the ball in the midfield. Great run which sets up the first goal. He looked so menacing from the left.

Messi - 7.5 - Wasn't at his best. Still tormented the defense. Was involved in the second goal. But then by his standard this was kind of a off day.

Eto - 8 - Had a very good game. Was involved and it was good to see him hungry again.

Henry - 8 - Did well on the left flank. Created the first goal. Was involved in most of moves. BUt did waste some neat headers.

Man Of The Match - Andres Iniesta

Jan 18, 2009

Valdes - 6 - Nothing to do throughout the match.

Alves - 9 - The best Barca player on the pitch. Totally dominated the right wing. Set up two goals and created two excellent cross which Messi headed wide. You cannot ask more from him.

Pique - 7 - Lack of action was his only problem. But cleared the line whenver called upon even it was too few.

Puyol - 8 - Another Captain's performance. Solid in the back and created the last goal with excellent vision in the box.

Abidal - 7.5 - Have completely silenced his critics with a no non-sense performance from December. A usual composed and contained performance. Send in some delightful through ball.

Xavi - 8.5 - Another great performance by the midfield general. No doubt why Ferguson is interested in him. Great vision, passing and unselfish play by xavi Hernandez.

Toure - 7.5 - Was overshadowed by his team mates but his performance was solid. he formed the rock on which Barca could builf their attack.

Keita - 8 - He looked like a total misfit as an attacking midfield in earlier matches, but not in this one. he was involved in 80% of Barca move. one thing I like about him is his eagerness to get into the box. Great performance.

Messi - 7.5 - As usual great performance. Could have elevated a bit but then when his team mates are playing like this he even can take some well deserved rest. His partnership with Alves was great but wasted two excellent cross form the latter.

Eto - 7.5 - Another solid performance. Leading the league scorers sheet at the moment.

Henry - 8 - The best of the front three. He was involved in all attack.


Iniesta - 8.5 - Got only few minutes to impress. Did his job to perfection. What else you can say about a player who had a shot at goal and created two goals in allowed twenty minutes.

Man Of The Match - Dani Alves

Jan 12, 2009

Valdes - 6 - Only was called upon once in the first half. But did some good saves in the second. But he is still spilling the ball and this could become a disaster against quality opponents. Could not have done anything for the two goals.

Alves - 7.5 - Was involved in the last two goals and was a constant threat on thath right flank. But did not link up that well with Messi. But still a good performance.

Pique & Puyol - 6.5 - Both the defenders struggled in the second half. One of them should have been at fault for the first Osasuna goal, mostly Pique.

Abidal - 7 - A decent showing. Didn't make much mistake but what was dissappointing that he didn't go upfront that often.

Xavi - 8.5 - The best Barca player on the pitch. Great equalising goal and it was brave of him to take that shot even though it was clear that there was a challenge coming. Excellent vision and passing throughoutb the match.

Busquets - 7.5 - Played his part well but would have been at fault if Barca had conceded that goal. He should stop play acting or should have the sense to stop it once his own team has the ball.

Keita - 5.5 - Weak link in yetserday's match. Didn't link well in attack and wasn't able to provide anything from the middle.

Messi - 8 - Good performance at parts. Great goal but he needs to keep his tempo up especially when the team is struggling to break a defense.

Eto - 7 - Apart from that great goal didn't trouble the defense much. But his workrate was awesome.

Henry - 7 - Another whole hearted performance but with no end product. Was pretty wasteful in the begining.

Substitutes :

Iniesta(6.5), Bojan (6.5) and Toure.

Man Of The Match - Xavi Hernandez

Jan 4, 2009

Valdes - 6 - Didn't have a good game. Made a number of mistakes, spilled the ball on many occasion. Looked confused when coming off the line and should thank Abidal for saving him twice.

Puyol - 8.5 - The best player on the pitch. Was good while going forward and was a constant treat upfront.

Marquez - 6.5 - Had an average game, did very well in defense but was caught out some times.

Sanchez - 3 - WAs nowhere to seen. Had to be blamed for the first goal. Then you can't blame, he is a centre midfielder who was slotted to play the centre defense role.

Abidal - 7 - Had a decent game in both attack and defense. Most importantly covered the defense well and made no mistake.

Xavi - 8 - Great performance with so many good passes and involvement in attack.

Toure - 8 - Another stellar performance which was capped with a better goal. May be blamed for the goal but then redeemed himself later on.

Gudjonsen - 7 - Wasn't any spectacular, but was involved in many move. Lost possession cheaply in many occasion.

Hleb - 7 - Like Gudjonsen had a decent game but nothing spectacular to show off.

Eto - 6.5 - Was missing for many time and missed some good chances.

Henry - 7.5 - Good game by the frenchman. He was the best attack minded player we had on the pitch.


Alves (7), Iniesta (8) and Sylvinho (7)

Man Of The Match - Puyol

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