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May 7, 2009

Valdes - 8.5 - If Valdes is not going to get a new conrtract after this performance, then it would be surprising. Couldn't do a damn thing about the goal. Came forward eventhough hesitatingly to clear some dangers. Great save to deny Drogba, especially considering the outcome of the game.

Alves - 5 - Was poor in defense and offense. Simply gave away ball easily. Was lucky not to have conceded a penalty. His crosses were poor apart from the one to the build up to equaliser. GUardiola should dis-encourage him from taking free kicks.

Toure - 6 - Can't balme him. He has been the best DM all over the planet but when slotted to play Centre Back he simply failed. He played like a DM there. He might have closed on well but for me he was responsible for the confusion at the back.

Pique - 7.5 - Decent performance. Drogba got better of him every time, still he held on. It was good to see his spirited forray forward to get the equaliser.

Abidal - 6 - Was too slow on the left flank. He has kept Anelka under check. He was definitely lucky not to concede a penalty. The red card might be harsh, but he wasn't up to the mark.

Xavi - 6 - Moving Iniesta and Toure from midfield was a huge blow to Xavi. BUt he himself had an awful day.

Busquets - 2 - He was there to win the ball, but he hardly saw one. Pathetic display.

Keita - 3 - Better than Busquets, atleast I saw him with the ball occasionally.

Messi - 6 - Some good run but with no end product, that explains his day. Occasionaly he won against Cole but never had the confidence to cut inside and move into the box.

Eto - 4 - Pathetic troughout. Never linked with anyone. He was not at all committed to get the ball on the field.

Iniesta - 7.5 - The goal was great, but apart from that the defense kept him under check. He is better playing in the midfield or somebody should be there to supply him well.


Bojan(5), Gudjohnse (NA) and Sylvinho(NA)

Man Of The Match - Victor Valdes

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