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Feb 9, 2009

Valdes - 6.5 - Not a busy day. Was unsighted for the goal. Came out early to collect the ball and thwart any danger in the first half.

Alves - 8.5 - There was an article in Guardian which said he would easily be the second best player in the world now after Messi. He proved it again, it was a shame that his illustrated colleagues wasted most of his crosses.

Puyol - 7.5 - Marshalled his boys well. Great leader and his presence calmed Caceres a lot.

Caceres - 7 - There were serious doubts about his ability. But he put that all to rest for the time being. Didn't do anything spectacular but was solid throughout the match.

Abidal - 7.5 - Showing clearly why we valued him and grabbed him from Lyon. May not be doing much upfront but sure is going to improve with each game.

Xavi - 7.5 - Had a decent game. Was quiet in creating chances. But controlled the midfield like a General.

Busquets - 7.5 - Solid in the midfield.

Iniesta - 8.5 - Best man on the pitch. Controlled the ball in the midfield. Great run which sets up the first goal. He looked so menacing from the left.

Messi - 7.5 - Wasn't at his best. Still tormented the defense. Was involved in the second goal. But then by his standard this was kind of a off day.

Eto - 8 - Had a very good game. Was involved and it was good to see him hungry again.

Henry - 8 - Did well on the left flank. Created the first goal. Was involved in most of moves. BUt did waste some neat headers.

Man Of The Match - Andres Iniesta

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