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Mar 18, 2010

FC Barcelona vs Stuttgart Highlights
In a performance which brought back memories from last seasons clash against Lyon, Lionel Messi lead FC Barcelona to a 4-0 demolition of Stuttgart at the Camp Nou tonight. In the build up of the match, Barca received a bad news in the form of Xavi being ruled out for the tie. He has injured his thigh and will be unavailable for two weeks. But that was the only thing which went against us. First half goals from Lionel Messi and Pedro killed the game; Messi added a second in the second half , while Bojan helped himself with a goal within first minute of his introduction. It was another Superlative performance by Messi which secured the match for us. Guardiola surprised many by deciding to start Ibrahmovic from the bench. Henry started in the centre, Messi on right and Pedro on left. The absence of Ibra meant we played at a very good tempo from the start of the match. The midfield had Iniesta and Busquets and Toure playing the holding midfielder role. The defense had the usual look with Alves and Maxwell flanked on the each side of Puyol and Pique infront of Valdes.

FC Barcelona dominates the Game from start

FC Barcelona started dominating the match from the onset. In the 2nd minute Messi released Henry on the left but from a narrow angle he could hit only staraight at Lehman. In the 4th minute pedro shot wide from a promisng position after Messi cut-back the ball to him. In the 7th minute Barca had their first scare but Alves produced an essentail intervention denying Stuttgart. In the 13th minute Messi put Barac ahead with another wonder goal. Messi received the ball from Toure in centre and set off in his trademark run before slotting the ball into the right corner of the post. The defenders were distarcted by Toure's run infront of Messi, they waited for Messi to pass the ball but they forgot that they were dealing with Messi. In the 23rd minute Barca incresed the lead via pedro. Messi played a great ball to Toure on the left who squared off the ball to Pedro in the centre. In the 28th minute Toure skipped past a couple of challenges on the left and squared a great ball to Henry in centre but Henry struggled to reach the ball. The rest of the half went without much fanfare with Barca dominating the entire possession.

FC Barcelona Continues Their Domination

FC Barcelona continued to dominate the proceeding after the half. In the 56th minute Toure had a great chance to make the scoreline 3-0 after being set-up by Messi, but he shot wide. But in the 60th minute Messi scored another great goal to take FC Barcelona 3-0 up. Pedro sets off in a great run on the right and then squared the ball to Alves, who played it to Messi in the centre on the edge of box. Messi turned escaping from the defender and wrong footing Lehman adn slot the ball past Lehman. In the 66th minute Ibrahmovic was introduced inplace of Busquets. In the 68th minute Alves sent a great cross into the box, but Messi's header was saved by Lehman. In the 72nd minute Alves sent in another great cross into box, Messi chested the ball in air and volleyed before touching the ground but the defender was somehow able to block the shot. The resulting corner saw Messi playing the deep corner to Iniesta, he then played a great ball to Alves in centre who squared the ball to Henry in centre but Henry failed to head it. In the 86th minute Messi placed his shot wide after some great play skipping past defenders, but failed to finish on a one on one situation. In the 88th minute Bojan was introduced inplace of Iniesta. In teh next minute Ibrahmovic played a great ball releasing Bojan who calmly finished past Lehman taking the soreline 4 - 0.

After the recent dissappointing performance, it looks like we are started to play with some confidence. Tonight performance was complete in all aspects. The pace was back in Barca's game and our players showed great vigour to retrieve ball whenever lost possession. There were two exceptional performance tonight, the first one was from Lionel Messi. He has been in great form and we are so lucky to be blessed with the greatest talent in our team. The second was from Yaya Toure. His initial few touches were poor but after that he showed his true class. A lot of people used to prefer Busquests ahead of Toure, but tonight he showed the difference in class between a Toure and a Busquets. Iniesta may not have been in his creative best but boy he was all over the place winning ball after ball. Another commandable performance came from Maxwell who won most of the long balls in air. The rest of the team played their part to perfection. The team looks like is gelling together again and with Xavi coming back we should be in great form. But the worrying part is Ibrahmovic, the team looked great with out Ibra and the pace was also great. Ibrahmovic is still struggling with staying onside. Guardiola has a real headache on his hand with Ibra selection.

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Unknown said...

What a great performance with agreat dicipline from the players !! Thats the real Barca although i was worried from Yellow cards for Alves , Puyol & Pique but they passes the exam perfectly ..

For the first time Pep showed some taxtics intellegency by playing 4-4-2 yesterday it was great to drom Pedro on the right Iniesta on the left & Henry 9 Messi 9.5 player .. it was agreat match in all measures..

Yaya was the best player " Messi not counted" in the match he showd a high fighting sprit with controlling the ball each time .. Alves was outstanding player he did a perfect Job as well ..

something very important that Stutgart didnt have any chance to shoot on goal "0" shots on goal !! that's because of the great covering from Midfield players ...

Viva Barca ..

Bibin said...

I never though that we played a pure 4-42 formation. We played a 4-3-3 formation but Messi roamed into the center on more occasion. I thought that was because of the fact that Messi, Henry and Pedro were comfortable in switching their positions at will. Ibra couldn't have done that. What worries me most with Ibra is the fact that he is getting flagged offside on many occasion.

Unknown said...

MMm i think it was aflexible formation & tactic last nite ive seen them playing 4-4-2 most of the time some time 4-3-3 ... any how the tactic was great & the new role of Toure was good he can play Xavi's role somhow better than Bosquets .. he was out of ths world last nite ..

Ibra is loosing his faith & confidante day by day and we need to support him more , playing to Barca is not that easy he need some time to adapt as Henry before he needed 1 season to adapt then he explosed .. just time belive me just time ..

nana said...

rightly said by all. i will give yaya the man of the match. messi not counted as well. ibra is still a concern to all. his offside positions were strange to me. it's as if he cud see a player next to him when really he was clearly off.
his play will always affect barca's free flowing soccer. he needs to run a bit and sweat small.ibra is not doing enough to deserve a place in the starting line up. his price shouldn't guarantee him a place. robinho case shd be an example.

pep has also decided to play bojan wide these days and that means ibra is still the only centre forward barca has. maybe he should keep him on the bench from now on. he can learn from player movements whiles sitting there.

Sumoflabarelli said...

I'm sorry, Ibra needs to give us a reason to support him. I know it took time for Henry to adapt but he was playing in a squad lacking their current motivation - how many games towards the end of his first season did we dominate possession but never score - and he was still our top scorer that season.

Ibra, on the other hand, came in and was fantastic for the first 10 odd weeks, so he and the squad clearly adapted to each other pretty quickly.

Since then, he has dialled in nearly every performance and last night was no different; he stood offside waiting for Stuttgart's back line to play him on, if he gave the ball away he never tried to get it back, and he missed a tap in.

While, people are still standing up for him, and while there was an inexplicable cheer when he came on, maybe we should compare and contrast his performance last night with Samuel Eto'o's the night before.

One word - passion.

Unknown said...

I do agree with u guys in all what u said but i will remind u once that Ibra will be decisive in the coming big matches ...
He is good but as Sumoflabarelli said Passion @ he need passion .. and it will come soon , hope so. ...

I just thanks God that Messi in his best these days ... with Kieta's return & messi @ his best & yaya doing good the squad will be unbeatable from now on ..

Viva Barca ..

nana said...

we all hope ibra gets the motivation soon. not only in big matches though cuz from here on every match is a big match but then again his entire football record clearly shows he has never helped in big matchets and from his current play it seems that won't change as well. we need him up and firing cuz our over reliance on messi for goals is not the best. this means messi has to play every single match this season if we are to win. we are so luck messi is not injured and fit.

Bibin said...

Ibra will surely play this weekend and we will know how he gels with the team.

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