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Mar 22, 2010

Barca vs Zaragoza Highlights
Lionel Messi struck another Hat-Trick in the League to give Barca a 4 - 2 victory at zaragoza. This is Lionel Messi's second consecutive hat-trick in the league following his last week effort against Valencia. FC Barcelona raced onto a 3-0 lead by the 78th minute , but Zaragoza pulled two back through Colunga. Ibrahmovic's penalty sealed the game for Barca at 4-2. Messi was expected to miss this match (Barca vs Zaragoza Preview ) but was declared fit and definitely made most by scoring three and creating another. Meanwhile his goal scoring partner Ibrahmovic had another wasteful night. Ibra wasted lots of chances and seriously looked well short of confidence. In the build up of this game, Guardiola has revealed his intension to rotate his squad. Iniesta and Puyol both started from the bench. The defense had Alves, Milito, Pique and Maxwell infront of Valdes. Toure, Busquets and Keita formed the midfield. Messi, Ibrahmovic and Pedro formed the front trio.

Barca Dominates the Early Exchanges

FC Barcelona started the game very strongly. In the 5th minute a mistake from Zaragoza defender, Diogo gave the ball to Ibra in their box, Ibra passed the ball to Pedro who sent the ball onto Messi'd head; who made no difference in gaving Barca the lead. Usually whenever Barca scores an early goal lots used to follow. But with a midfield of Keita, Busquets and Toure we were struggling to create clear cut chances. In the 16th minute Yaya Toure had a shot from outside the box going wide. In the 24th minute Maxwell gets behind Zaragoza defense and send in a cross to centre but Yaya shot went high. The next attempt was from alves whose shot from outside the box also went high. In the 30th minute Ibrahmovic put his free header wide from a Messi corner. As the half progressed Zaragoza started to increase pressure on Barca. In the 35th minute Javier Arizmendi's header from centre of the box was blocked and in the next minute Eliseu saw his shot from centre of box going wide. The half ended with Barca struggling to create any more clear chances.

Lionel Messi Magic Seals Match For Barca in Second Half

Barca started to dominate the second half from the whistle. Yaya Toure had a couple od decent chances but hit wide in both occasion. Guardiola brought in Iniesta for Yaya in the 63rd minute. In the 66th minute Messi put Barca 2-0 with another wonder goal. Messi stole the ball from Herrera, then beats two defenders and then turns Contini inside out and then fired a low shot into the far right corner of the goal. Guardiola brought in Puyol for Pique in the 69th minute. In the 73rd minute Marquez replaced Milito. In the 77th mnute Ibrahmovic had a great chance to put Barca 3-0 up, Pedro played him in but Ibrahmovic missed it once again. In the next minute Messi showed how it's to be done. Iniesta place the ball to Messi, Messi cut inside and then curled the ball to the bottom right corner to take Barca 3-0 up. In the 84th minute Ibrahmovic was set up by Messi but he again shot over. In the next minute Zaragoza got one goal back with Colunga latching onto a ball over the top of Marquez and slotting it past Valdes. Marquez was beaten by Colunga's pace but Valdes positioning also looked terrible (he stood rooted to the near corner). In the next minute Ibrahmovic had another chance but hesitated to take the shot and made a mess of the chance. In the 89th minute Zaragoza reduced the scoreline to 3-2, with Colunga's second of the night. zaragoza won a free kick on the half line, took it quickly releasing Colunga who finished it cooly past an on rushing Valdes. Barac responded the very next minute with guess who, Messi winning a penalty. He received the ball on the right, lifted the ball over one player and then in the box made fun of two more with quick turns before being brought down. Messi gave the chance to Ibrahmovic who slotted the penalty without any error.

Once again Barca had to look upto Messi to see us through. It is not a bad thing but still would love to see other players getting involved heavily. Pedro did struggle to come into the game but it was non-sense not to start with Henry, especially after his recent good forms. Ibrahmovic had another poor night with his finishing, getting offsided most of the time; there is no confidence left in him at this moment. Hope the penalty help him in recovering. Yaya had another good night eventhough he missed a couple of good chance to score. Guardiola would be worried with the way we allowed Zaragoza to comeback in the game with two quick goals. We cannot do things like that against Arsenal and other top teams.

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Unknown said...

Congrats but Im really disappointed although we won !!
What if Messi missed last nite game? what if Messi get injured??!! what if Messi not at his top performance?!!! that all really sucks just to see Messi the only one who can score & rap the last 5 games for our great Comprehensive team playing & winning with only one player!! that's not Barca we knew !!

You know the problem ... It's all about that we remain blaming Ibrahimovic while the squad struggling!! Henry's had had 2 goals only , Pedro still young & just scored 8 goals , Xavi & Iniesta are always scared to shoot they both always wannna pass or swinging the ball , Iniesta scored once & Xavi scored three goals i think !!

Then first of all it's not Ibra's fault if the team was not winning some games it's Pep's fault as he choosed him & didn't get a coverage player for him & go to buy Chigirensky with 25 M $ ... bad planning for the strat of the season ...

Another thing was the inapprehensible & weird subs for the central Backs!!!! Then what the hell with shitty Marquez he can't run faster than a tertile!! everytime he come we accept goals ,he sucks!!

Yestrtday my heart Was on the verge to stop after accepting two goals , Pep must think deeper & to take thing seriously & hope last nite lesson will do with him ...

Viva Barca ...

nana said...

What makes Messi the best is his class. When he is fouled he tries to stay on his feet and drive through the fouls. When he goes down he gets up.... And when he has a hat trick and draws a penalty he gets up and gives it to a teammate going through a bad patch. Pure Class for a guy with the most ability in the world of football. Its truly what separates him from the other greats in the game(and its why CR cant be compared to Messi). A true team player.-i got this from a comment at i agree with this player.

but Ghassan. i don't agree with u 100%. this has been the team setup for sometime. way from dinho era. Xavi and iniesta are always there to provide assists and shoots when there is no choice. ibra is the cause 90%. if he is confident enough and firing then most of our balls would be channelled to him for finishing but he is proving otherwise and even to miss that pedro pass is just too much for 60m + eto. barca has always had a star player and best passers and a clinical striker/finisher. now we have the star player,best passers and somewhat 2footed player leading our attack for whatever reason pep only seems to know and bench bojan + loan kiersson.

i understand how u feel but we are all praying messi satys fit enough to the end of the season. cuz if he is out it means with our current state we mite draw every single match and possibly lose some of them without winning. there will be virtually no attack for barca. ibra will always be offside and miss the open-goal chances as well.
if we see Marquez sitting on the bench as ok so should ibra sit with him cuz when he is there it's like we are one player short in attack. i try to defend him but i've stopped from yesterday cuz i saw he cud bring barca's downfall. if he can't handle pressure he shd start playing with the cantera team.

anyways,messi's second should run for goal of the season.

Sumoflabarelli said...

I know it's a worry that we seem to be a team of one at the moment, and Ibra is definitely a worry, but remember this time last year Guardiola kept trying to rest Messi and he kept needing to be brought on either to win the game or get us out of a hole - remember the tie against Espanyol - we still won everything going. With Henry supposedly back in form, and Pedro and Bojan both scoring last week, there's no reason why the next few weeks with Arsenal and the Classico shouldn't put us firmly in the driving seat for both the Primera and the Champions League.

Having said that, if burying the penalty doesn't lead to an immediate improvement from Ibra, maybe it's time for Guardiola to cut his losses before he ruins his reputation on a player who refuses to repay the faith he has put in him.

Bibin said...

absolutely. Guardiola should watch how he perform against Osasuna and then decide whether he should have him at Emirates.

nana said...

THE whole team is now trying to help ibra. he needs to lift up his game. it's really hard for him to fit in where Eto'o left. that's having a negative effect on him. if only he would position himself well and get a little more confidence he could be as any barca no. 9. we wish him all the best.

Bibin said...

All that's fine. But the way he gets getting offsided is a big problem. In most case he is miles ahead of the last defender. What is leading to such basic mistakes?

Anonymous said...

Zlatan was, is and will be the wrong player for this team. As FC Barcelona too has been the wrong team for this player. These unsuitable partnership is destructive for booth parts. Pep´s decision to dismiss EtoĆ³ and give his position to Zlatan was wrong. Zlatan always considered himself as the most decisive player of his previous teams. Staying in the penalty aria and putting the already cooked ball into the mouth of the goal does not fill his hungry ego. He wants to be a king. Barcelona is a socialist republic where every player is a king. Beside, due to his large physic, he is too slow for the playing concept of Barcelona which is based upon fast and small technical players. By coming to Barca, Zltatan has damaged himself far more than he has damaged Barca. This is what I believe.
With respect and love for the beautiful game:
Good writing bad English.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too set back by things as I was before.The team overall played good and I saw improvements. There's alot of "hate" versus Ibra but atm i saw a spark again in this match. He did soem nice passes he built the attack that resulted in the first goal. He was very unlucky with his header as it was as close as you can get almost. He ran more and showed more determination even if he didn't ace in the finish. Hope fully this might be the awakening of Ibra learning to play the Barcelona way of play.
Time will tell.

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