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Mar 11, 2010

Guardiola was considered as a man who could do nothing wrong at Barca, atleast that was the case last season. He took charge of a struggling Barca side and took them to an unprecedented successful season winning six trophies, or to put it better all the trophies available.But like the saying goes - "Every Good Thing has to End", Guardiola's problems are mounting day by day at Barca. It is quite extra-ordinary to claim that Barca is in crisis just because Real Madrid managed to upstage us from the top for the time being. But those who are watching Barca day in, day out knows very clearly that they are not playing anywhere near their capacity. Johan Cryuff points this in his recent article saiying that certain players are not putting enough efforts in the side, We all know whom he is referring to.

Guardiola Definitely has to Take the Blame

Many consider Guardiola as one of the best emerging coaches of the modern time, it may not be all wrong but I don't consider him as a tactical genius. He is more or less a disciplinarian who can surely control the emotions in his team. But what troubles me most is his pre-conceived mind set-up. It looks like once you are out of Guardiola's good books, whatever you do you stays out. And this has started hurting us. The decision to swap Eto for Ibrahmovic looks like an enormous blunder. I have spoken against this deal earlier. I will only point out the reason why I thought this was inappropriate. Eto was the most prolific striker we had for sometime, technically Ibrahmovic was a far more talented replacement. But the prolem that we needed a simple Cetre Forward on top of our formation not a guy who is known for his silky moves. Barca is full of these guys. In his hesistance to throw Eto out of the team, Guardiola forgot to analyse what was best for his team. It was quite a surprise to see that he never approcached the Villa deal with such vigour.

Ibrahmovic - Eto'o swap is a thing of past and there is no way we can change that. So I know there is no point in pointing the finger on that now. But what I feel as an absolutely irresponsible behaviour from Guardiola is his hesistance to give Bojan some playing time. Bojan is our only natural replacement for Ibra and giving him more time would have seen some pressure on Ibrahmovic to improve his performance. With Guardiola not ready to try this, Ibrahmovic doesn't have to work for a place in the team. He is a sure starter if he is fit and not suspended. Earlier I have written an article about Bojan Krkic being Key for Us this season. In that article I have mentioned that once the Camp Nou faithfuls lose patience with Ibra, they will make his life a living hell. The only reason why Guardiola is repellent to the idea of replacing Ibrahmovic in matches is the fact that he has gambled a lot on him. But by doing so Guardiola is definitely putting his interest ahead of team's.

Pichichi Race is Affecting Messi

This is quite some accusation that has been levelled at Messi in recent weeks. Messi is accussed of being selfish. I firmly disagree with those views. May be Messi is trying to take more shot nowadays, but I firmly put that to a lack of confidence on our team's targetsman. Eto'o was a simple player; most of his goals were simple tap-ins (which talks a lot of his positioning and speed) and Messi definietely is missing him upfront.

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nana said...

Bibin. u are 100% there.
Pep is just not doing things right with Ibra issue. Mancini had to let robinho fight for a place even after his record signing. that's the thing pep shd be thinking of. i have said here before that the less time he gives Bojan the more he does to his confidence level and that will be murderous on pep's part. he can't allow a player with so much to give to sit on the bench for 3/4 of the season and allow and a sometimes-non-existing-team player like ibra to play 90minutes. but God being so good we won't see a static striker when we meet with valencia this weekend but i only hope pep would play kirkic this time. we can't go all day talking about lazy ibra, a striker who wuould look for a back pass even when he has space infront of him to move. we only have to be thinking of how the team improves with him(after all against almeria we showed our movements upfronts are better without him)

for Messi, u got it right. he is selfish cuz of ibra and any one would have done the same. if u give 7 killer passes and there is no returns from ur striker in almost every match u definately take them urself after it wud be of no use if u passed to him. if u've been watching recently, iniesta and xavi have limited their passes upfront cuz ibra is almost always offside or not moved to a better position. i have stated here again that if this thing continues, it's going to kill team motivation and confidence and ibra and pep would be the cause.

Bojan needs playing time. he is better than ibra in our set up. henry is not all that bad like pep is making it seem. yaya has not lost it yet but always busquets is give a place ahead of him. sergio look clumsy all the time when the ball is with him. he only passes the ball 2cm from him. he sure does not look like a cantera boy. he lacks the ability to posses the ball longer and lacks simple control.

i have made a long speech here but then it's all pep choice. after all he is the one who be jumped on when he fails. but then his failures would cause us the fans sadness.

Bibin said...

I forgot the Offside issue we are having with Ibra. You hit it on the nail, nana. He is not at all synched with our master midfielder. He laways sets off early, looks like he has to do that in Inter.

Anonymous said...

Lately is not televising Barca games live or in repeat. What's up?

Bibin said...

No idea. Are they still telecasting soccer matches the same time?

nana said...

the only good news is that in matches ibra has not played we have gone ahead and won by an average of 4goals per game. what does this stats say about him? we score less when he is on the pitch and pep should know better. i believe on sunday we would win by a similar margin

Unknown said...

i think that ibra is hurting the flow of barca this season.he is not in the right positions for the killer passes from xavi and iniesta.he disrupts the movements of the barca way of football.

Bibin said...

spot on albert. Welcome to the blog.

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