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Nov 9, 2008

Valdes - 8 - Great performance. He did well to keep his clean sheet . Produced some telling saves to make sure that the pressure never acme at FC Barcelon.

Alves - 7 - Another great performance going forward. Was caught at many times coming backward but was pretty competitive. You cannot complain about his defensive vulneress as he is more like an attacking right winger.

Marquez - 8.5 - What a match!!! There was a period of time in the first half prior to the second goal when Valladoid was applying immense pressure. Marquez stood tall and atleast cut down four attacking oppurtunity.

Pique - 6 - Was at fault at many times. On occasion he lost ball was lucky to see Marquez covering him on every occasion.

Puyol - 7.5 - Great game. Was great on the left flank. Did drop into middle to help the centre defenders.

Xavi - 6.5 - Did started the game well but went quiet after that. Had a decent game but more was expected of him naturally.

Toure - 7 - Did well throughout the match. May not be as good as previous matches and lost some balls cheaply but was assuring in the midfield.

Gudjonsen - 7.5 - Did complement others well. Great finish to get into scoresheet.

Messi - 9.5 - What a match!! He controleld the match and showed his true capabilities. Was a mess to deal with for the defense. Played his part in every goal.

Eto - 9.5 - Great striker to have in the team. Give the ball to him in the box he will get the goal. Leading Pichichi by some distance now.

Henry - 7 - Didn't do much of mistake and complemented well. But he kepth the scoreline to six with missing a host of chances.

Substitutes : Hleb(7), caceres (6) and Keita (6)

Man Of The Match - Samuel Eto

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