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Jun 9, 2014

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. C. S. Lewis

It's safe to say that everything that could have gone wrong have all went wrong in case of Bojan Krkić. From dubbed as the "Next Wonder Kid" out of La Masia, he has been relegated to the "Boy who lost his Way" quickly; and rightly so. His career so far resembles a Hollywood tragedy movie in full flow. Everything he has done to correct the course of his career has ended in bigger failures. But then fate alone is not to be blamed! Every coach he has worked with apart from Frank Rijkaard, have complained about his lack of intensity in training. It's the same story over and over again. Pep Guardiola questioned his intensity and attitude, it was the same at Roma and Milan and now with De Boer making it clear, he needs to take a good look at himself.

There is no substitute for hard work. Thomas .A. Edison

Jul 8, 2013

Bojan Krkic, once the most exciting prospect from La Masia will be spending the 2013-14 season in Ajax Amsterdam, the current Eredivisie Champions. That means he will once again feature in this season's UEFA Champions League Group stage. For the last two seasons Bojan has spent his time away from Camp Nou, in Italy. He was first loaned out to Roma in 2011-12 season and then to AC Milan in 2012-13 season. No one was surprised that both these clubs made no attempt to sign him permanently due the kind of season he had. Bojan Krkic failed to make any impact at both Roma and AC Milan. At Roma initially it looked like he would make the cut but then soon faded away especially on the enormous expectation placed by Italian fans and also their concept about the perfect striker. Everyone knows how the Italians and the Spanish hate each other's playing style and to be a Spanish style player(especially the one came from Barca's academy) in Italian league worked heavily against him in both the season. At Milan with the emergence of El Shaarawy and the signing of Balotelli meant that he was virtually out of the picture as far team selection was concerned.

Jun 3, 2011

Ok, here is an update on the latest transfer rumours related to Barca. As expected Cesc Fabregas rules the chart with constant report on papers in Spain and England. After that infamous back heel which resulted in Messi scoring a wonder goal at Camp Nou, I have heard many Arsenal fans shouting to sell Fabregas as they questioned commitment. Emotions did settle down slowly, coupled with the way they ended their season - Arsenal fans are convinced that Cesc is the most vital piece in their game and they will not part with their captain. There were rumours of Real Madrid approaching Arsenal and the London side club slapping a starting price of 50 Million pound on the player. That is where it stands, but be ready for an extended summer struggle between Barca and Arsenal. The second in the list is the Villareal's Italian striker, Giuseppe Rossi. The status as of today is that Barca is at advanced stages of negotiation for signing this player. The Italian-American, Rossi could very much become Barcelona's first signing of the summer. There were rumours of Bojan Krkic being included in the deal to sign Rossi. Krkic has laughed off this rumour making it clear that he will not let himself to be included in any deal. Meanwhile there are already rumours of the club selling Thiago if Cesc deal goes through. So back to the main topic of the article - Are we treating Bojan Krkic and Thiago Fairly?

May 14, 2010

How quick things change in the world of football? Last December every Barca fan were complaining about how disappointed were they with the performance of the little Bojan Krkic; now they can't stop praising him. Indeed Bojan Krkic has been in a tremendous goal scoring streak and have impressed everyone including his manager. Guardiola suddenly started to believe in him, which explains why he was preferred in place of Ibrahimovic in two of the most crucial away games against Villareal and Sevilla. Every Barca fan is swearing by his name and would like to see him replace the 70 million Ibrahimovic in the last game of the season. But it was not so bright and shiny for Bojan at Barca this season. Till recently he was struggling to find any meaningful playing time under Guardiola. Forget having a lack of confidence in the young striker, Guardiola's approach earlier gave a picture of having o belief in his talent. He was overlooked for Pedro on numerous occasion. Even when Ibrahimovic was struggling Guardiola never called upon Bojan, not even as a substitute. The only piece of action he was seeing was the Copa del Rey actionl; but with Barca going down to Sevilla he was virtually warming the bench. I earlier wrote a piece arguing why Bojan should move out of Barca for the good.

Feb 2, 2010

Bojan Krkic has recently indicated via media an urge to stay in Barca and fight for a spot in the Barcelona forward line-up. His decision is most probably made up on the fact that no concrete offers came in for his loan in the winter transfer window. But it is yet to be seen whether he intend to stay in Barcelona the next season. Bojan Krkic was the next big thing after Messi from Barca's youth academy. His debut season was sensational but the last two season, Bojan have been finding it difficult to see enough playing time. To his discredit he has not done justice to the opportunities given to him. But then it is harsh judging him by his performance in these matches as the opportunities come very few and far in between. If Ibrahmovic has not yet regained his form after playing game after game, Bojan will never hit any kind of form with playing time of ten minutes per month. From an outside perspective Bojan's situation is not bad, actually many would die to be in his position. Taking the position of centre forward into consideration, he is the only real alternative for Ibrahmovic in the team. And that simply means he should get enough playing time , but that's not the case with Bojan.

Dec 8, 2009

Ok, the latest rumours that is doing the rounds in Barca circles are the possible move of Bojan to Arsenal in the January window. Arsenal has been plagued by injury problems for their attacking line-up and Wenger is rumoured to be looking to add Bojan to his squad as a soultion. Bojan has been having a tough time finding playing time under Guardiola as Pedro is the coach's favourite. He was considered the next big thing after Messi to come out of La Masia but his career has taken a downward spiral after that. It is very clear that he will make his move out of Barcelona by next summer. There was a report which suggested that he is not at all interested in a loan move. Now that comes as a testimony of how Guardiola treats players who was picked by some other managers. Bojan was interested in a loan move for this season, but looked to have talked out of it by Gaurdiola. But the manager does not clearly think high of him and looks like has only talked him out of a loan move as a precaution in the squad. The last time a young player who siad that he will not prefer a loan move was Giovani Dos Santos and it was a result of the way Guardiola treated him. But Giovani's career has taken a further downward spiral as he chose a wrong team to make his switch. English teams apart from Arsenal is not known to favour youngstars and it should be a lesson for Bojan before he makes the switch.

Dec 3, 2009

Bojan and Toure are two contarsting case. One is eager to prove his talent but has no oppurtunity and the other one has showed the world his worth but still won't get a decent playing time. It wasn't a secret that Guardiola never preferred Yaya Toure as the defensive midielder in his setup. The initial comments from Guardiola gave the impression that he was too happy to see the back of the most consistent player for Barca in those two pathetic years. The initial treatment also pointed a same approach but Yaya fought back into the team and was one of the major reason we had a great last season. During the summer there were all kind of rumours that Mascherano would be preffered to Toure but somehow in the end we managed to give him a proper contract. But now it looks like the presenting of contract was to ensure that the player don't leave cheap rather to ensure the player remain in the team. He is not getting any quality playing time and performnace against Xerex has been pointed out by some as a reason he should not. As far as I am concerned he along with Essien are the best defensive midfielders in the world. And not giving one of the best enough playing time is a crime. Some of Barca fans points out the fact that he will be out for one month during African Nations cup as a reason Busquets is preffered to him. That's quite strange - if there was a Copa America going on, would you have preffered somebody else to Messi and Alves?

Will Bojan and Toure Stay at Barca Next Season?

May 20, 2009

Next year there is a high possibility of Bojan Krkic being loaned out to some other club. Bojan has always insisted on staying in Barca and fighting for a place, but recently he seems to be in line in accepting a temporary loan move. Celtic again has shown interest in him, but then there is also interest from some Premier League clubs like Blackburn. With the League title in the kitty, Bojan had got two consecutive starts which has been so rare this season. He had a great outing in the Copa Del Rey final and rounded up that display with a wonderful goal. Again in the weekend he was the best Barca player on the pitch. He looks more comfortable playing in the left rather than in centre. He is a player who likes to have space to work around and that explains why he has not been that sharp when played in the centre. But nobody doubts his credential as a natural poacher. He already have ten goals to his credit eventhough he has not started that much this season.

Ok, coming back to the main topic. Thierry Henry and Iniesta is reported to be recovering well from their injuries. They both most probably will be available for the final in Rome. But it is yet to see whether Guardiola will start with both of them especially Henry. Iniesta, if recovered will move into the midfield as we don't have anyone of that quality to replace him in the middle. But the idea of bringing Henry directly from an injury lay-off to first team does not sound positive with me. I would prefer Bojan to start on the left and would like to bring on Henry early in the second half depending on the situation. Bojan has been performing well in recent matches. He knew that there could be a chance in the final up for grabs and he has readily jumped into contention. May be the match against Osasuna will give us more time to decide whether Bojan should start in front left.

Nov 24, 2008

Frustrated Bojan against GetafeFC Barcelona fans and Management looks like is creating a habit of putting enormous pressure on new emerging talents. Last season it was Giovanni who wilted in the enormous pressure created and moved out of Nou Camp. Now it looks like this season it will be the chance of Bojan Krkic to be at the receiving end. But in Bojan's case the move could be a temporary one, this is what is reporting. reports that Barcelona could be thinking about a loan move for the youngster since he is getting very few playing occasion. Bojan started for the fisrt time in league and had a torrid time wasting some good chances. He was substituted in the 55th minute and looked very much depressed by his own showing.

Bojan sums up his performance as this "’m not happy at all with my own performance because this was my first start in La Liga and I wanted to do something special. But it didn’t happen.". There is so much to be read between in that statement. First of all is the fact that he is desperate to make a mark and grab Guardiola's attention. Every match whenever he has been brought in he has done the same. It is sad that no attempt has been made by the Manager to assure him. Many argue that this is a tough league and he has to toughen up to survive here. They point out the example of Messi's evolution as an example like last time they used to expel Giovanni. But they always forget the facts behind Messi's evolution. Messi was always given time to evolve as a player; he was always protected by his team mates; in terms of the burden of carrying the team it was Ronnie, Eto and Deco who carried us forward. Messi was guaranteed of his position on the right always; there was only Guily to fight for that place. Bojan's case is different; he is supposed to fight with Henry, Gudjonsen, Eto for the centre forward place; add to this Guardiola's preference of Pedro, Busquests and Victor ahead of him. Naturally he is desperate to get attention of his coach. Most of the game he has been brought in as substitute in the later stages. But as usual Barcelona fans will never be ready to see these facts nor will be ready to give him time to learn the trade. There is a huge chance of him moving out of Barcelona atleast temporarily. Remember next season it will be Busquets or Pedrito.

Feb 9, 2008

Bojan and GiovaniIn the begining of this season it was clear that the two wonderfully talented kids - Bojan and Giovani ,from Barcelona youth Academy will get their first taste of first team football. But a series of injuries and loss of form of the senior players have made sure that both of them remain an integral part of Barcelona team this season. In the start of season , there was too much of pressure on Rijkaard to include them in the side inorder to avoid other clubs robbing them. In contrast to some of their seniors who went in search for better shores, these two had made it clear in advance that their future lies with Barcelona. Giovnani was expected to make a sizeable number of appearances and Bojan was expected to make his debut this season. But as destined they both have made a sizeable number of appearances and also have made it into starting eleven on many number of occasion. This also has a downside with fans and media criticising them (like Giovani was criticised some game before) for the lack of impact in some games. The media and fans will do a world of good to the club if they take the time to remember that they just made their debuts this season. Messi, when he debuted some season ago was similiar to them, but ofcourse had more talent.

Of these two, Bojan Krikic looked to me more comfortable with rigour of La Liga football. This may be of the fact that he is an out and out striker, and (apart from Eto we don't have one also) he gets to play in his favourite position more often. Giovani had made much bigger impact when he was brought as a substitute but in matches where he started have to admit he was a dissappointment. Don't have to look too far the last match against Osasuna will act as a testimony for what i have written here. But I believe this may be because of the lack of centre forward in the Barcelona player setup. He is asked to do so much more than he might be capable of. Bojan already has four goals from 18 apperances which is very good as debutant, but also reiterates the fact that he is a out and out Centre Forward. Along with messi, these two will for the future of the Barcelona attack line up. But overall we can confidently say that these two kids have taken their baby strides in the big leagues of football very firmly.

Rijkaard's trouble in the match against Sevilla doesn't looks like ending - now Deco and Sylvinho has been declared unfit for the tie. The three reserve players - Espasandín , Víctor Vázquez and Víctor Sánchez have been named in the squad. Out of which Víctor Espasandín has a high chance of making his debut as he is considered as a solid Left back. As i said in my last post it maight be time for Messi to justify world's belief that he is the New Maradona. This match will depend upon him a lot. Thinking about Ronaldinho, some strange idea came to my mind - we can place him in the Midfield may be in the position Gudjonsen is playing. That will cut down the expectation on him of scoring Goals and will surely help him in assisting more. Every time I see him on pitch he looks like trying too much for scoring Goals, because of which he is not assisting his fellow players or creating chances.

Feb 17, 2007

Bojan Krkic - young star of Barca B

FC Barcelona home grown talent Bojan Krkic, 16 years old from Linyola, has got a great future ahead of him. Last weekend he scored 2 goals in the 3-0 victory over U.E. Lleida and is already the Pichichi of Barca B. He scored 7 goals or a total of 20. Since he is playing as a regular in Quique Costas team the reserve team has changed. Krkic is developing fast and in huige steps. Last year he was promoted with 15 years to the Juvenile (U19) and this year, with 16 years, he should gain some experience in senior football. Now, he is a lready a regular and the top goalscorer of the team.

Football experts are convinced that Bojan will make his debut for the first team next sesaon.

Barca B coach Quique Coasts was in a serious crisis just weeks ago. Barca B was bottom of the table of the Segunda B (Spain´s third Division). But the boy from Linyola, with its self-confidence, skills and overall with his goals got the team back to life.

His stats are impressive. Bojan Krkic scored 7 goals in only 870 minutes playing time. 5 of them in the last 4 matches. He played 11 matches, 9 of them in the starting line-up.
When the youngster joined Barca B this season, the team had only won 1 match so far, since Bojan played they added another 5 victories.

Bojan is happy with his development and revealed:
I am scoring goals and this helps the team to win. Things go very well for me on a personal level and Barça B is improving a lot. I already feel privileged by playing for Barca B with only 16 years. I am very young and I have still a long way to go. This is why I am only thinking of Barca B at the moment.

Bojan Krkic has also been called up for Spain´s U18 to play the Meridian Cup.

Source : Click here

Nov 20, 2006

Barcelona's striker shortage could see them take a gamble on much-vaunted youngster Bojan Krkic.
After the 16-year-old predictably sparkled on his Barca B debut at the weekend, against Huesca, Frank Rijkaard must be tempted to consider promoting the precocious teenager into his first-team squad next year.
Krkic has been touted as one of the best young players in Europe and is reputed to have bagged over 800 goals at junior levels for the Catalan giants.
Although he did not score on his senior bow, the Spain youth international's progress will be closely monitored as Rijkaard currently seeks replacements for the likes of injured trio Samuel Eto'o, Lionel Messi and Javier Saviola.
His father is a former Crvena Zvezda player from Serbia but Krkic has opted to represent Spain.
There were rumours a short time ago that the forward snubbed interest from Chelsea to commit his future to Camp Nou.

Nov 14, 2006

Bojan Krkic, born on August 28, 1990, in Linyola (Serbian: Lleida)is a 16 year-old Serbian-Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona FC in Spain. His father, who holds the same name was a well known footballer in Serbia, where he played for Crvena zvezda. Bojan Krkic Jr. shot to prominence at the UEFA European Under 17 Championships in Luxembourg in May 2006 when he was joint top-scorer. He achieved this despite only playing 45 minutes in the four out of five of Spain Under-17s matches. He scored a hat-trick against Luxembourg before inspiring his side to a 3-0 victory over the eventual champions Russia, with all of the goal being scored when he came on to the pitch as a second half sub. In the third match of the tournament, he scored a penalty after once again being introduced at half time. He started the semi-final against the Czech Republic but after his team mate Roberto Garcia was sent off, Spain struggled and lost 2-0 in a shock result. In the third-place play-off Krkic was once again a second half sub and wreaked havoc in Germany's defence as he scored the opener on 53 minutes. When the match went to spot-kicks, Krkic cooly slotted his into the top-right corner of the net and his side won the match 5-4 on penalties to finish third.

Krkic is also reported to have scored over 800 goals in the lower divisions of Barcelona.
He is expected to become a full Barcelona player very shortly. Once 17 (and able to sign professionally) it will not be long before he is in the first team.

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