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Dec 8, 2009

Ok, the latest rumours that is doing the rounds in Barca circles are the possible move of Bojan to Arsenal in the January window. Arsenal has been plagued by injury problems for their attacking line-up and Wenger is rumoured to be looking to add Bojan to his squad as a soultion. Bojan has been having a tough time finding playing time under Guardiola as Pedro is the coach's favourite. He was considered the next big thing after Messi to come out of La Masia but his career has taken a downward spiral after that. It is very clear that he will make his move out of Barcelona by next summer. There was a report which suggested that he is not at all interested in a loan move. Now that comes as a testimony of how Guardiola treats players who was picked by some other managers. Bojan was interested in a loan move for this season, but looked to have talked out of it by Gaurdiola. But the manager does not clearly think high of him and looks like has only talked him out of a loan move as a precaution in the squad. The last time a young player who siad that he will not prefer a loan move was Giovani Dos Santos and it was a result of the way Guardiola treated him. But Giovani's career has taken a further downward spiral as he chose a wrong team to make his switch. English teams apart from Arsenal is not known to favour youngstars and it should be a lesson for Bojan before he makes the switch.

Another problem that is hurting Giovanni's transfer out of Totenham is the contract they made with Barca when buying him. The contract had a clause which is restricting Giovanni's sale. If he is sold in the first 2 years , Barca gets 20% of it and after that 10%, I believe that could be another reason that's hampering his transfer. Bojan has to be careful with these in the future. Arsenal at present might need Bojan but he has to look into the long term. Once the stars who are injured return back, he may find it difficult to find playing time there also. So a loan move to Arsenal till the end of the season may be good but a permanent move may not be that interesting for Bojan. Meanwhile Barca has clarified that they have not received any interest from Arsenal for Bojan. Let's wait and see how this story shapes. Meanwhile Txiki Begiristain has said that he has spoken to Yaya Toure's agent about his future. Nothing is clear apart from that the coach will call the shot.

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