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Dec 3, 2009

Bojan and Toure are two contarsting case. One is eager to prove his talent but has no oppurtunity and the other one has showed the world his worth but still won't get a decent playing time. It wasn't a secret that Guardiola never preferred Yaya Toure as the defensive midielder in his setup. The initial comments from Guardiola gave the impression that he was too happy to see the back of the most consistent player for Barca in those two pathetic years. The initial treatment also pointed a same approach but Yaya fought back into the team and was one of the major reason we had a great last season. During the summer there were all kind of rumours that Mascherano would be preffered to Toure but somehow in the end we managed to give him a proper contract. But now it looks like the presenting of contract was to ensure that the player don't leave cheap rather to ensure the player remain in the team. He is not getting any quality playing time and performnace against Xerex has been pointed out by some as a reason he should not. As far as I am concerned he along with Essien are the best defensive midfielders in the world. And not giving one of the best enough playing time is a crime. Some of Barca fans points out the fact that he will be out for one month during African Nations cup as a reason Busquets is preffered to him. That's quite strange - if there was a Copa America going on, would you have preffered somebody else to Messi and Alves?

Will Bojan and Toure Stay at Barca Next Season?

Jun 27, 2009

There were some tricky contract negotiations to be done for Barca this summer. Luckily they have concluded the most important one of all. Yaya Toure has signed a new deal which will keep him at the club till 2012. This one deal extension wwas shrudded in mystery for sometime. Especially with reports emerging about Guardiola's new found likeness for Mascherano. He was linked with a move out of the club and I have earlier written against any such move by the club - Guardiola Prefers Mascherano to Toure.The details of the new deal is not clear but he is sure to get a much better pay scale with this deal. The buyout clause has been raised from 66 million Euros to 100 million Euros. It is a great relief to fans like myself to see Toure extending the deal. He has been the most consistent performer in the last two seasons apart from Iniesta and Xavi. He compliment Barca's atatcking talent too well, you just have to watch that wonder goal against Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey final for a testimony.

Meanwhile there is not much clarity about the big signings in the transfer market. But as I said in my last post, most probably Filippe will be our first official signing of this summer. Mean while there are reports that Valdes will be signing a new deal very soon.

Jun 9, 2009

It was never a secret that Guardiola preferred Busquets and Keita to Toure when he started his reign at Barca. He entered into compromise with Eto early on the season but convincingly overlooked Toure many times during the start of season. But there are some talents you can't keep on bench, and Toure proved to be one of them. He made the likes of Keita and Busquets looked amateur in the defensive midfielder role. There was a contract negotiation to happen in the end of season and every Barca fan expected to finish off woth relative ease. But now it looks like Guardiola is holding to his belief that Toure is not suitable for his team. Laporta recently hailed Valdes (a player who is already doing his contract negotiations) a great Goal Keeper and hoped that Barca can retain the service of Eto. But he very casually forgot to mention anything about the big Ivory Coast player. Guardiola is rumoured to have contacted Argentinian captain Mascherano and sees him as the ideal choice for our midfield. It doesn't come as any surprise as Guardiola always goes ahead with his stupid thinkings.

Toure has been one of the major stars of Barca's treble winning season but is one of the least paid stars. In normal circumstances Barca management would have increased his pay scale as he along with Iniesta were our two consistent players for last two season. But they are hesitating to do so this time and there could be only one reason to it - Guardiola does not see in his future plans. Mascherano on the other hand has been excellent this season. But everyone forgets the fact that he plays in a midfield with Gerrad and Alonso along with him. How he will fare in a three men attacking midfield is yet to be seen, ofcourse if he makes the switch. When Machesrano's name started getting linked with Barca, I thought Guardiola wanted him as a back up to Toure as Toure and Keita would be away for some time due to African Nations cup. But the idea of him replacing Toure baffles me. But anyway Toure has enough interest with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Italian giants in his hunt. But agains Toure's stupid decision to sign a low salary pay with a 90 million buy-out clause could do more harm to Toure than the Club.

Meanwhile reported that Ribery is more close to signing for Barca at this moment. Sport also reports that Barca is close to finalising a deal with Luis Fillipe. Meanwhile the Galactico ero has restarted at Real Madrid with record signing of Kaka today. Next could be Ronaldo and Ribery in their sights.

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