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Sep 14, 2020

Koeman's biggest problem could effectively integrating Francisco Trincão to play efficiently with Lionel Messi, Barcelona's Captain. It may seem so simple, but we have seen how players struggled earlier! Will it happen again?

Francisco Trincão entertained all in Barcelona's first outing of the 2020-21 season. Even though the opposition was a below-average side, and we should refrain from going euphoric about that display; even then Barcelona fans were quite impressed by what they saw of Francisco Trincão.

The second half display was quite brilliant, especially if we compare with the first-half display. The second half had the young and the new kids, and that was the difference-maker. But the brightest spot was Trincão.

Howw will Koeman firt Messi and Trincão in his System?

It may seem nonsensical to ask this question. Such huge talents naturally need to link. But the reality has been not like that with certain players. Trincão likes to operate in areas where Messi is dominant and that could be trouble for the youngster.

Koeman's biggest job now will be to find a way both of them complement each other. It's easier said than done. Trincão may need to adapt a lot of his playing style to suit Messi. If he tries to outdo Messi in what Messi does best, that's a definite losing cause.

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