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Sep 22, 2020

Messi got a glimpse of how he will be treated this season by the Board and the President when Bartomeu spoke finally about the 'Messi Burofax' saga. His statement had the euphoria associated with a victor fo battel. Indeed he emerged victorious in a battle we expected him to lose hands down. Congrats to that!

The statement was indeed a taunt on Messi, especially the part where he decided to congratulate himself in keeping Messi at Barcelona. To an extent, Messi deserves this. He deserves this for not showing any will to fight!

For Messi, Bartomeu's action should serve as a learning lesson. A lesson that one should fight for what they believe is right. Messi never had that in his spirit! Now he is stuck with a manager who openly humiliated him in the first meeting they had and a President who is going to keep reminding him how he succeeded against him.

The ultimate taunt has to be the statement that he is enjoying the Project Koeman. That was his response to Messi accusing that there is no project. Bartomeu has now made clear to his slave, that whether there is a project or not, you will lick what I say!

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