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Mar 16, 2017

Neymar and Messi at Barca

FC Barcelona have been blessed with two of the best free kick takers in Lionel Messi and Neymar. Here are two GIF videos of them going for the left corner from free kicks. Which one is your favourite?

Jun 13, 2014

Neymar started his World Cup campaign in some style scoring two goals and securing Brazil a vital three points. In the match between two teams which everyone expect to come through the Group, the Barca striker's actions were decisive. In his first World Cup match, Neymar secured himself the first yellow card of 2014 World Cup and then helped Brazil comeback from behind. Along with Oscar, he was the best player wearing the reverred yellow jersey on the field. Usually the opening match of a World Cup will see a conservative match. But this one was different, it was thoroughly entertaining, made by both team's deficiencies.

Jun 8, 2014

Neymar's Amazing Goal against Rayo Vallacano GIF

Neymar's amazing Goal GIF against Rayo Vallacano. This one of the best goal yet by Neymar wearing Barca's Jersey.

May 26, 2014

A brilliant compilation of Neymar's first season at Barca. May not have been spectacular and have been controversial at times. But the video shows the prospect of a very bright future ahead.

Apr 24, 2014

Every time one watched Messi playing against Bilbao last week, one would left to wonder whether he prefer playing alongside Pedro rather than Neymar. It's not the first time it has happened this season. There were pundits who pointed out why Pedro needs to come ahead of Neymar, especially in order to get the best out of Messi. I myself believed that it's not the presence of Neymar; it's the combination of Neymar and Cesc which is working against Barca and also Messi. But lately it has become very clear that to make these two great players work together will take some effort, something which is looking out of Martino's reach. Let's be honest, they have played decently alongside each other. Till last month they were doing well; maybe not in the devastating way we have expected when Neymar signing was announced. But still they were better together. But recently it was a total disaster.

Mar 31, 2014

Neymar's continued inclusion in the FC Barcelona's first eleven has raised a lot of questions. At 56 Million or the revised rate of 86 Million, everyone does expect him to start each match but his form has been pretty wobbly in recent times. Meanwhile, Pedro and Sanchez constantly outdo him with their hard work and form. But that hasn't mattered much for them as Neymar's name always finds its place in the starting eleven ahead of those two. Among pundits and fans, there has been unanimous agreement that playing either Pedro or Sanchez ahead of Neymar will help the team offensively.

Mar 19, 2014

On Sunday FC Barcelona produced their best performance of the season. A 7-0 victory in itself is self explanatory; but the vigor and desire displayed by players on the field made many claim that "The Vintage Barca is Back". May be it's too early to say about that; but it cannot be argued that Barca played some of the their best football's in their last two matches - first against Manchester City and now against Osasuna. The Osasuna victory has raised the expectation of fans ahead of the Clasico. Even though we have struggled in recent away matches and the last two brilliant performances came at the Camp Nou; one might be tempted to believe that the team has turned their form and it should now show on their away records. One of the major factors for this recent turnaround has to be the coming back of Lionel Messi. Messi has been struggling since he returned from the long layoff; some questioned his commitment, especially with a World Cup to play for in Summer. But he has started to re-emerge back and that's showing in our performances.

Nov 19, 2013

Jul 22, 2013

The much anticipated arrival of Neymar to Barca has brought its share of mixed reactions from footballing greats. Here are some of those bordering on the sides of positive and negatives.

"With Neymar on board, I would have planned for the possibility of selling Messi. Some would agree with me and others would not. Neymar's arrival could cause problems. Just look at free kicks for example. Neymar is very good at taking them. And Messi has already shown he is great, too. Who's going to take them. You are talking about a team, its players, the things around it. There are too may things at stake. That's why it's so difficult to manage such a top class squad. Neymar is talented, but we will have to wait and see how he gets along with the rest of the squad. I would not have taken the risk of bringing in Neymar." - Johan Cryuff

Jul 2, 2013

Now this is a dumb Question, isn't it? Why should we not get excited about Neymar. We paid more than 55 Million(if rumors are to be believed), he just mesmerized the World in the recently concluded Confederation Cup, he is toasted as the next big thing from South America. So the big question would be - Why should we not get excited. The simple answer to that would be our past history with super-stars who came to the team. Now it's not a secret that I wasn't a fan boy of this signing. I would have preferred that much money remain in our purse as I believe with his arrival the whole equations of the team could change. I am not the only one who think that way, actually one of the club legend Cryuff also view it the same way. May be he may have set some alarm bells ringing recently suggesting we should look to sell Messi since Neymar is here. Well, I bet he doesn't mean that but was just trying to emphasize his point, that's why the dramatization. But it comes from a Gentleman who understands Players ego very well, better than either Rosell or Tito Vilanova. He also know the mentality of the extra-ordinary talented ones, as he was one of them and Messi is already in his company.

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