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May 18, 2010

If rumours emerging from Spain and England are to be believed, FC Barcelona is pretty close to completing the signing of David Villa and Cesc Fabregas. Joan Laporta has made it a priority to complete the signing of these two Spanish internationals before the end of his tenure. Actually Cesc Fabregas has expressed that he would like to see his future resolved before the World Cup in South Africa. If Barcelona based daily Sport is to be believed, then we most probably will sign David Villa by the end of the week. That may be a bit of exaggeration but Laporta himself have said that the negotiations with Valencia over David Villa is in an advanced stage. Mean while David Villa has learnt from last season's mistakes and is not revealing anything about his desire. He has stated that he will make a move away from Valencia only if the financial situation forces the club to sell him.

Meanwhile FC Barcelona has made an official approach to Arsenal for bringing back the Catalan boy, Cesc Fabregas. The initial reports suggests that Arsenal has slapped a price tag of 50 Million on their captain. But situation has changed a bit after a reported call made by Fabregas to Wenger, in which he has made the manager know about his desire to join back his childhood club. There is no way we can confirm these rumours. But the fact that even Guardian reported the story means there could be some truth in these stories. Remember it was Guardian's Sid Lowe who reported last season's Ronaldo transfer. But it is yet to be seen what will be the price tags. It's expected that David Villa will cost Barca around 40 Million euros and Fabregas also could cost somewhat similiar. There are indication that Toure could be involved in the deal for Fabregas. There are rumours that even Ibrahimovic could be used for Fabregas swap, but I can't understand the sense in such a move.

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quophi said...

Now we have an assured 30goals next season. but please someone should inform Laporta to leave fabgregas alone. we don't need him now. we need a replacement for Alves. we already have Alcantara and Dos Santos to cover up for Xavi and possibly Inietsa. bring Fabregas will limit Pedro's progression as well as Bojan if we don't loan him out next season.
now it's clear henry is leaving and possibly Bojan. but what about Ibra?

Bibin said...

The Fabregas situation is not known. I do second your opinion that we may not need Fabregas desperately. But since there is rumours that he has expressed a desire to return back, i believe we will go for him. Bojan situation is very clear now, he is going nowhere. That means the situation could get tricky for Ibrahimovic. If Fabregas come to Barca then Iniesta will paly in the left front position otherwise we have to go for someone like David silva.

Anonymous said...

Barca have disgraced themselves internationally with the handling of the Cesc from Arsenal sitaution. This is no way for a club of this reputation to behave like this.

The offer is very cheap for the captain of Arsenal. You look inferior to Real, at least they pay player worth!

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