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May 19, 2010

There is no particular order in these. I just picked a bunch of last season's wonderful goals for a recap of the wonderful season we had.

1) Xavi's Wonder Through Ball

It's a huge injustice that the record books will have Messi as the goal scorer and Pedro as the player who provided the assist. Nonsense, it was Xavi singlehandedly who created this one. After seeing this you feel pity for all other midfielders in the world.

2) Messi's Goal at Bernabeu
Again Messi and Xavi comibines here. It is in the list for the sheer importance of the goal.

3) Messi's Wonder Goal Against Zaragoza
No explanation needed.

4) Pedro's Wonder Goal
I felt pity for the coach who was about to make a change and saw this happening.

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