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May 5, 2010

Can't believe I missed two of the most entertaining match in this season's La Liga chase. With Real Madrid on their tail, FC Barcelona has registered consecutive league victories against Villareal and Tenerife. The margin of both the victories are the same with Barca managing to find the net on four occasion in each match. It was quite a surprise to see Ibrahimovic missing from the line-up against Villareal, especially with the David Villa rumours going strong. There were some suggestions which pointed that may be Guardiola has started to lose confidence in Ibrahimovic. But for now Ibra looks firmly in the plans of Guardiola and that should be the reason why he started with him against Tenerife. After the disappointing performance against Inter Milan it was good to see Messi back on the score sheet. He has scored four goals in the last two matches and now leads the La Liga Pichichi with 31 goals, six more than Real Madrid's Higuain.

With yesterday's victory, we have once again opened a four point
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lead with second placed Real Madrid. Real will be visiting Mallorca tonight and will be looking to close down the lead. It was quite disappointing to see Real grabbing a late winner against Osasuna, keeping their title hopes alive. It looks like we cannot count on another team to help us in opening the lead, we most probably have to do it ourselves. Most of the footballing world's attention has turned once again back to Xavi, who is playing with a calf injury and could miss the world cup. I seriously don't believe that he could miss the world cup but that might be quite a risk. If Mallorca can do us a favour, we could rest Xavi in the last matches. The real revelation of last two match has been Bojan Krkic. He has not been doing anything extra-ordinary, but boy his finishing his world class. I have earlier predicted that he could break any record set by Raul or Villa, I feel confident of my prediction. From the break of this year, he has looked more confident and has been doing extremely well.

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Sumoflabarelli said...

How many more opportunities does Ibra deserve. Come on, it was a bad piece of business, get over it and make it right while he's still worth something. It seems to be obvious to everyone except the manager that the team play better, faster, more fluent football, as well as scoring more goals, without him than they do when he's on the pitch. His only contribution to the game against Tenerife was to bottle a header that a player of his value ought to score. Then he comes off, on comes Pedro and what happens? We've seen this time and again this season. If he was working tirelessly to create opportunities for himself, and if he consistently tried to make something of every opportunity he was given, then we could almost overlook the lack of goals the way Manchester United fans did for Diego Forlan (remember when he couldn't score?), but he always seems more surprised than bothered when the ball arrives at his feet.

We have a young, home grown front line who at the moment are scoring for fun. By selling Ibra, Chygrinsky and Marquez we can make enough money to bid for a David Villa, David Silva, or Arjen Robben so we can rotate the front 3; it still leaves Puyol, Pique and Milito so we can rotate the centre backs not to mention Yaya Toure who can drop into centre back should Puyol have to relieve Dani Alves.

The future's bright, but I can't see a place for Ibra in it.

Unknown said...

I can not believe how irrational some fans may be. Even if he does not score in every game he creates space & opportunity for others. He is not selfish and assists to goals. That is what Barcelona stands for, Teamwork. In the last 2 games he assisted in goals & if not for a bad decision from Maxwell he would've scored against Teneriffe. Let's stop this witch hunt & give him 1 year please. Again stop this unfair treatment of One of Our own.

Unknown said...

FC Barcelona does not need to transfer in a forward, we have plenty of class there, we do need more quality in the backline as insurance for injuries and building for the future. Chemistry is important though, just look at Chygrinsky for some reason it not clicking with him, no communication nor bonding with the others. We need somebody in mid 20s who has a good vision for the game and has a non stop attitude like Puyol and Pique.

Bibin said...

I don't think Ibra will be sold off. Guardiola may give him one more season to settle into the team. But I believe we will go for a good CF this summer, hopefully Villa. That will keep the pressure on Ibra. But the fallout of such a move is Bojan will get less time with Ibra and Villa both in the team.

Sumoflabarelli said...

It's not a witch hunt, he simply doesn't fit in with our style of playing, and more importantly, he plays with a complete lack of passion. He was exactly the same last year for Inter Milan, especially in big games, when he wasn't One of Our own. Even Four Four Two magazine, when the news of the transfer was announced, called him a "Big game shank artist" and he hasn't really disproved that.

Can you honestly say that he's looked as consistently hungry as the rest of the team, especially at the sharp end of the season? If the answer to that question is no, well Bojan has, so has Pedro and Lionel Messi's desire is beyond question.

Another season like this and his value will have gone through the floor. The money to buy players doesn't come from nowhere, so sell him and everyone wins; we get a striker who plays the same game that we do, we look like a team of 11 and not of 10 + 1, Ibra goes to a club who's game is more suited to him, and he is still regarded as a star signing and treated and paid accordingly.

Where's the witchunt?

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