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Mar 10, 2009

FC Barcelona is confirmed to be without their inspirational captain Carlos Puyol for the crucial Champions League home leg against Lyon. Lyon also did have a similiar injury concern with Benzema, but the latest news is that he has made into the squad but how long will he play is yet to be seen. FC Barcelona players expressed their confidence in seeing the back of a very dangerous Lyon side after finding their form in the weekend match against Athletic Bilbao. The biggest threat for Barca would be coming from Juninho with his dead ball skills. FC Barcelona should be extremely careful not to concede any cheap free kicks in promising positions. Especially with the absence of Puyol our aerial defense will be susceptible. This put more emphasize on our midfield. Our midfield once again has to guard the defense from excessive pressure. With Iniesta back in side we should be able to do better than the first leg; but the key player could be Toure.

Guardiola would not be experimenting too much with the line up and surely will field his best available line up. Valdes is expected to be at the Goal. Alves, Pique, Marquez and Sylvinho would form the defense. What worries me the most is Alves's sudden dip inform. If he does not get back to form tonigh we will struggle seriously. Sylvinho's lack of pace makes him a weak link in the defense and we don't need a similiar week link on the right. Iniesta, Toure and Xavi is expected to form the midfield. For me the midfielders are going to decide the match. Messi, Eto and Henry should once again form the attacking trio. Messi has been having some ordinary matches recently by his standard. But he showed serious improvement in last two matches and should naturally carry forward that momentum into this match. Lyon and Barca is renowned for playing the game in an attacking manner. Hence we will see a number of goals. But I don't expect Lyon to cause an upset at Camp Nou. I expect Barca to win by a score line of 3-1.

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