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Mar 9, 2009

Which one will you prefer? Ok, I know that's a million dollar question, but still just curious to know who would be Barca fans choice. A fortnight ago it was indeed a choice between Villa and Benzema. Benzema from last season has voiced his preference to play for an European giant. Villa never showed any considerable interest in moving away from Valencia, but Valencia's present financial crisis could force them to sell one of their biggest stars. But the cream of the moment have to be Kun Aguerro. Surprisingly Aguerro was overshadowed by the more talented national team mate, Lionel Messi when both their teams met for the first time in the league this season. It was billed as the "Duel of the Year", featuring two of the most brightest talent in Argentina - One billed as the "New Maradona" and the other who is all set to become Maradona's son-in law. But that match turned out to be a mismatch. Messi came out clear winner with FC Barcelona destroying Atletico 6-1. Then how much of that poor result can be blamed on Aguerro is a big question? His defense conceded early goals and from that point onwards Camp Nou would be the most toughest place on earth.

But a fortnight back he really made up for that mismatch. He inspired Atletico to a 4-3 victory in a game which Atletico clearly dominated FC Barcelona from the word go. Last week he repeated the performance against a resurgent Real Madrid at the Bernebeu. He may have missed a handful of chances to seal off the match; but no one can deny his importance in that match. Out of the three options David Villa is the most proven customer. He has been a sensation both for Valencia and Spain for a number of seasons. In that view he should be the ideal choice of striker at Barca especially if Barca mange to retain Eto. Out of the three he is the ideal to take the front left position and would be at ease in switching to the centre. But again it all depend on what Barca's technical team is looking for. If they are looking for a striker who can complement our attack as well as provide a substantial aerial threat, then Karim Benzema would be a better choice as a striker. Then his arrival will surely create some problem is we manage to retain Eto. Eto and Benzema would ideally like to play the centre forward role. Eventhough Eto can do well at the left, I don't think he would be happy to let go off his position. Aguerro is kind of different from both of these players. Aguerro's clear strength are his physical ability and great burst of speed and obviously his latin american style of playing. He made a mockery of Real Madrid defenders on Saturday, especially Cannavaro. He effortlessly turned past them every time, but I have to admit that there is not much of interest in Barca circle to poach him. But if he can get Atletico go past FC Porto then there could be srious interest in him. But what could potentially become a big factor if Barca is going to sign him would be the fact that Messi and Aguerro plays really well in their national side.

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