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Dec 4, 2008

La Liga is indeed a strange place, there would be no shortage of stories in this great footballing arena. End of last week the entire media was concentrating on the immediate signing of Huntelaar by Real Madrid. Now it's Valencia's turn to be in the headlines. After a rather disastrous last season, it appeared that Valencia has finally turn things around with the team in contention for the title; or simply put Valencia got back to where they belong to. Now it looks like the hapiness of turning around the perforance would be over-shadowed by another bigger crisis they have to face. Valencia is reported to be in a midst of a Financial meltdown and there are huge rumours about the club going bankrupt. The report also suggest that they might be struggling to pay their player's wages and have to pay back a huge 50 million Euros by the year end. At the time their looks like some hopes are left for Valencia with their President assuring that a back up startegy is in place.

Valencia is the third most famous La Liga club after Real Madird and FC Barcelona. That makes the club too important to fail. In the summer there were rumours about the financial difficulties and everyone expected them to off load atleast two of their start players. Now if they fail to avert this crisis they would have to sell these stars for a much lesser price. This is where FC Barcelona would come to benefit from it. FC Barcelona have made it known about their intention to sign David Silva last summer. Now this presence an ideal oppurtunity for them to go for the player. In a survey conducted by Mundo Deportivo a whooping 83% of people has voted in favour of Barcelona takling steps to benefit from this financial crisis by signing Silva. But interms of the La Liga's future the failing of such a club would be disastrous; nor does the weekening of Valencia ahead of January transfer market. They are a real title contender this season and this crisis comes at the most disturbing time with Valencia taking on FC Barcelona at Camp Nou this weekend. One can only pray that they are able to come out of this crisis properly. Already there is a situation developing with David Villa - it seems Manchester City, Chelsea and Madrid all are interested.

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