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Dec 11, 2008

FC Barcelona is destined to have a tricky opponent in the first knock-out round of the Champions League. Since FC Barcelona has topped the group they will be playing one of the team which came second in their respective froup. But that is no sigh of relief as the potential opponents of Barca are Arsenal, Inter Milan, Lyon and Chelsea. Now that's pretty tough. I would personally like to have Lyon facing us rather than any of the other team. BUt if history is taken into consideration, this could turn out to be yet another Mourinho versus FC Barcelona match.

Real Madrid who is Barca's next opponent in the League did play well and demolish a Zenit team. We have seen many times that a change of manager works wonder atleast in short term and hence the team should take the Real Madrid match more seriously. Even with all their apparent problems and injuries nobody will deny their resolve. They have grinded many results with astonishing come back this season and it would be good for Barcelona to take them very seriously. The recent statements regarding this made by many players sounds good; everyone of them want revenge for the twin loses of last season. It seeems everyone in the squad is ready to put that extra effort to avenge that defeat.

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