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May 25, 2014

It’s déjà vu all over again.

With strong reports of David Luiz's impending transfer to PSG (this time from a much trustworthy news source) , Barca fans cannot help having that worse Déjà Vu feeling yet again. We have seen this earlier, isn't it! It happened last season, the season and will continue again this season, many a times. It's not a surprise any more, we have been trained to expect this and this alone for sometime. A week ago we were told that David Luiz transfer is all done and dusted. Of course the story was broken by Sport and some could argue I am a bit crazy to have believed this in first place. But once again, they were good at selling the dream and normally we couldn't stop ourselves from believing.

The fun part of all this is that, there is a debate going on, whether actually Barcelona wanted to sign David Luiz or not. There has never been any official confirmation of this through any channel. Regardless of that the personalities associated with the club have encouraged this news for sometime. For the fans, this looks like a repeat of the wonderful Marquinhos pursuit of last season. We made so much noise, that we were left wondering when PSG snatched him under our nose. Here again, it's happening again, and this time the with a bid of 50 Million they are clearly sending the signal that we will be priced out again. Hope Barca has an alternative plan!

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