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Jul 14, 2010

July 11, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Holland v Spain FIFA World Cup Final - South Africa 2010 - Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa - 11/7/10..Spain's (L-R) Carles Puyol , Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique celebrate after winning the World Cup.

From the moment the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga started, there have been various counter accusations from both Arsenal and Barcelona fans. Blogs are the medium of communication in the modern world and promptly became the battle ground between Gunner and Cules. I believe the whole story started with Guillem Balague writing about a meeting that has taken place between Fabregas and Arsene Wenger He reported that Fabregas requested Wenger to allow him to move to Barca. Now it turns out that the whole story was purely fiction, I mean it looks like Fabregas and Wenger were in two different places at the supposed date of the meeting. But still no clarification has been offered by Arsenal about the meeting. Meanwhile Barca management under Laporta ponced upon the rumour and potrayed a picture via rumours that the transfer is imminent. After the initial reluctance to comment(which they shouldn't have), Arsenal and Wenger came out declaring unilaterally that "Cesc was not up for Sale".

Laporta has gone since then but the new man Rosell also looks to have made it a priority of signing Fabregas. Since the time Guillem Balague reported about the now non-existent meeting, Barca and Gunners fans have been at loggerheads. One can understand the paranoia of the Arsenal fans as they were bombarded with the news that their Captain was on their way out. Not only the Spanish media but the English one also went overboard reporting the transfer rumours. But at times and now at all times, it has become into a full fledged hatred to anything represented by the Spanish Champions. At times you are left wondering about the nonsense views they are bringing out simply because of Barca's pursuit of Fabregas. I myself does not approve of this stupid chase, as I wrote in my last post - Barca Losing the Bigger Picture in Cesc Chase. But having said that I clearly oppose many views expressed by Arsenal fans in recent times. I am trying to aggregate what I felt about those views.

1) If Somebody has to take the blame, then it has to be Fabregas
This is something which always annoyed me while visiting an Arsenal blog. Every Gunner fans puts the blame squarely on the Barca management. But Fabregas is the biggest culprit here. He could have silenced everyone by making a clear cut statement regarding his stay at Arsenal. His statement always is pretty vague and you can define those the way you want. Following the recent nonsense prank of being forced into a Barca shirt, he down played the incident but gave a statement like this about his transfer saga - "I think now the less said about the subject the better, because these things are worse for everyone when they come to light and people talk more about the matter. Right now we have to be very calm and what will be will be." Now what is that? I mean what should one get out of the "what will be will be" statement. Barca management is going to see that as an encouragement to pursue him further. Can't he just say that he is an Arsenal player and will remain so for atleast one more year. The case will close at that moment. Arsenal fans and club would do themselves a favour by trying to understand what is preventing him from issuing such a statement.

2) Fabregas is a player produced by Arsenal and the Barca DNA thing is crap
This always have been another bone of contention between Barca and Arsenal fans. Arsenal fans always considered him as the one whom they developed, whereas Barca fans have a different point of view. Fabregas made a choice to move away from FC Barcelona as there were serious doubts about playing time at Barca. Lionel Messi was earmarked to bigger greatness than Fabregas and it was clear that Cesc has to wait for his oppurtunity. Fabregas developed into the great player he is at Arsenal under the wings of Wenger. But that doesn't give any Arsenal fans the right to ridicule the value of work done at Barca academy. Don't say to me that - Wenger found this kid in the streets of La Rambla and felt pity on him and took to Arsenal. He was higlighted as the next big thing after Messi in the Barca academy. So the Barca DNA thing, eventhough it might be a bit overrated is not crap. Having said that I am not hiding away from the fact that Arsenal played a vital role in his development into a class player. So the idea that he should be loyal to Arsenal does not sell, but loyalty to his job definitely is something they can ask.

3) Barca Players are Overrated, now this is what I call nonsense
A recent visit to any of the Arsenal blog's comment section would give a clear picture of how the Arsenal fans consider our players as a bunch of overrated players. The most funny comment I saw went something like this - "Once the new kids from Arsenal academy emerge in the next year, they will piss on Messi, Xavi and Iniesta". How true!!!!!!!! What can you call these kinds of statements. Lionel Messi is way ahead of his peers at the age of 23, but the idea that he is nowhere near Samir Nasiri, Walcott and Vela is something that I can't digest. May be I am badly in need of a different perspective. Messi has been constantly compared to the great legends who played before him so considering him as crap is undefinable. Arsenal fans may have some reason to be upset by Xavi as he has been the most vocal in demanding the transfer of Cesc. But that cannot be used to justify ridiculing his talent and his role in both Barca and Spanish team. He is the heart of both the teams. So is Iniesta. Arsenal fans who ridicule Iniesta tend to forget that Fabregas was Aragones' first choice earlier. Iniesta slowly made it into the starting line-up and haven't given up on that since then. He offers complete unpredictability in that midfield. The simple fact that Fabregas has failed to displace either Iniesta or Xavi from Spain's national team definitely gives you the answer. Maybe Aragones and Del Bosque both are fools. The hatred to a club cannot be justified for expressing real stupid views.

4) Fabregas was the reason why Spain won
This is another one. It is completely understandable that we all rejoice and highlight the contribution of our favourite players. Every fan is biased and I am also no exception. That is the reason you would see more of Iniesta's and Xavi's contribution in my World Cup report and less of Casillas and Ramos'. Fabregas played an important role in the final creating the goal which Iniesta finished. Arsenal fans were also quick to point out a gold gilted chance created for Iniesta which he squandered. But surprisingly there is no mention of that wonderful throughball which put Fabregas through on goal. Iniesta has been the most consistent Spanish player in whole of the tournament and had a direct contribution in majority of the goals scored. Xavi who was not upto the mark in the earlier matches played really well in both semi-final and Final. So claiming that Fabregas was the real reason for the triump is way overrated. I would have accepeted if he had come in for any of them and then created the goal. But the fact that Fabregas combined well with both Iniesta and Xavi should give Arsenal fans some trouble.

There is no doubt that this transfer nonsense has been dragging for more than what was needed. Everyone knows the end result of this. It is crystal clear that Fabregas is not leaving Arsenal this time around. But it looks like Barca will continue this as a ground work to signing him next year. Whether we need him or not, is another matter altogether. Until and unless Arsenal ask Fabregas to issue a definitive statement this issue is going to continue worsening the relationship between both the clubs. Already Arsenal fans are hoping for Real Madrid coach extracting revenge on Barca on their behalf. Quite Strange to see many Arsenal fans praying for Jose Mourinho's success, am not sure that they are praying that much for their club's success(just kidding).

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