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Jul 1, 2010

Toure Transfer is to be Cancelled

Two day ago this deal was almost done and there was no ambiguity about the same. The Club management has secretly confirmed that Toure will be moving to Manchester City adding 25 Million to Barca's coffers. Actually there were rumours that the money from Toure deal will be used to fetch Cesc Fabregas. The best things about Transfer Sagas are that it goes berserk when everything appears to be normal. Now it looks like Guardiola is in a last ditch attempt to convince the big Ivorian to stay at Barca. For the record, Toure always wanted to stay but with a Guarantee that he will see regular first team action.

What prompted Guardiola to take a U-turn is still unclear. Guardiola has always for some strange reason preferred Busquest ahead of Toure. But it looks like the recent form of his primary target to replace Toure - Mascherano could be the reason behind an attempt to convince him. Toure had been a pretty utility player, who can play as a centre-half, a holding midfielder and even as an attacking midfielder. Now all this will be on the hands of Rosell to negotiate and I honestly hope he stays for the good.

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