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Jul 3, 2010

Netherland's Wesley Sneijder scoring his sides second goal..FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals..Netherlands v Brazil..2nd July, 2010.

Brazil defeated by Holland

In one of the biggest upset Brazil has been knocked out by Netharlands with a scoreline that read 2-1. Brazil took the lead in the 10th minute when Robinho took advantage of some bad defending by the Dutch. But an own goal from Filipe Melo (in which the goal keeper ia an equal culprit) and a second from Sneijder, add to that Melo's supension - all these shut the door firmly on the Brazilian national team. To an extent I am glad that this Brazilian team went out of the tournament. It has nothing to do with the fact that Argentina and Spain are my favourites. But it is quite sad to see Brazil play a defensively orriented counter attacking style. Brazil can't do that, they are the pioneers of the beautiful football and they definitely have to stick to that. This defeat shows that you have an equal chance of failure while playing a defensive style as in an attacking style. Atleast playing an atatcking style, when you can will let you hold your heads held high. A triumph of Brazil in South Africa would have seen the game moving into somewhat the "Wresting Side". The irony is that, had Brazil stuck to their attacking style they could have sealed off the match in the first half, when there were utter confusion in Dutch midfield and centre-defense.

Dunga changed this wonderful South American team into something like an European team. There were always critics against his him, but he staid afloat as long as the team was winning. With this debacl, he have only one option left - leave. The second half of the match saw the Dutch side giving Dunga's boys a wonderful class on how to play the traditional European style. The Brazilian side lost their cool in the persistent fouling and play acting by Robben. I am not accusing Robben of diving, the first half saw he getting repeatedy handled out by Brazilian players, especially Pasthos. Pasthos should have send off but the Referee for some strange reason kept on allowing his kicking on Robben. Kudoos to the Dutch coach in spotting the weakness of the Referee and the second half saw Robben going down in the slightest of pretext. In the end of it all, you were left to wonder whether the defensive mindset undid Brazil. They went into the lead and was more contained in attacking on the counter. Once the equaliser came they had no idea of how to respond as they moved into a defensive hole. It looked like a repeat of what Brazil did to England in 2002, only that Brazil was in the receiving end this time.

July 02, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Uruguay v Ghana FIFA World Cup Quarter Final - South Africa 2010 - Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2/7/10..(L to R )Uruguay's Maxi Pereira, Nicolas Lodeiro, Diego Perez , Egidio Arevalo Rios and Jorge Fucile celebrate victory.

Destiny Takes Uruguay to Semi-Final

Ok, it's quite unfair to talk about destiny in a football match. But can anything other than that explain waht happened yesterday night. This match had all the drama you can wish for. The first twenty minutes saw Uruguay over-running the only African hope left in the tournament. The next twenty minutes saw Ghan overturning the tide with some rampant attacks and finishing off the half with a Muntari goal. The second half was "The beautiful game " at its best. Attack after attack from both sides but with no end result. Then Forlan equalised the score with a screaming free kick. But the drama was not to be ended there. The match went into the extra time. In the last minute of extra time Saurez had to use his hadn to block a goal bound ball. He was rightly send off and a penalty was awarded but Gyan hit the wood work, to send a crying Saurez into a cdelebration frenzy. The penaly shoot out had it share of drama. With Uruguay leading 3-2, the Ghana player missed the kick, but was relieved to see the subsequent Uruguay penaly missing. But once the next penalty also was saved, there was no turning back for Ghana.

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