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Sep 18, 2009

Zlatan Ibrahmovic, the tall Swedish Striker has been the focus point of all discussion regarding FC Barcelona this season, and I firmly believe that this is going to continue throughout this season. Guardiola's decision to replace swap Eto with Ibrahmovic did raise some eyebrows (including mine) and Zlatan's every action on the pitch will be under the scanner for the whole season. He will be compared to Eto's achievement and contribution at every nook and corner and he better get used to it. The whole point for which Guardiola acquired Ibrahmovic was to give Barca an edge which we were lacking, especially the aerial threat. But his performance at the San Siro especially in the aerial department does not justify that. I know it is too early to judge him. He is one of the most talented striker in Europe and way more skilled than Samuel Eto. But the early indications show that he will take some time to integrate into Barca's playing style. My biggest concern seeing him was his attitude and his pace. He looked very slow for Barca's counter attacks even though he had a great reading of the game. But what worries me most is the attitude he is showing on the pitch. He at time looks completely uninterested in the proceeding, especially in the second half at San Siro. But then that was not the first time, he showed the same attitude in the first half of the Getafe match. Many of us blamed that for pairing him with Jeffren and Pedro, but there should be no excuse for the lack of intend.

Thierry Henry also took his time to adjust into the Barca's playing style and we might see the same with Ibrahmovic. My personal instinct say that he will integrate much faster than Henry. We may see him at his best mostly in the second half of the season. With Real Madrid acquiring all the fire power this season, will this settling time needed for Ibra harm us? We cannot afford to have the lead slip from us early on and that will result in Camp Nou faithfuls asking more from Ibrahmovic, increasing the pressure on him. Such a situation may never rise but we cannot discard the possibility of the same. For this same reason I believe that this will indeed be the year in which Bojan gets his foot hold in the big league. He is currently injured and will be back soon, but his performance in the pre-season and other matches has been very good. There is no doubt about the fact that he is an out-right poacher. He is the perfect centre forward who is designed to head the Barca attack. FC Barcelona may need a player of that type at the front than a Ibra type player. Just go through the amount of tap-ins Eto had last season for being at the right place - and Bojan is better in that. But let's stop that debate there as we will only be able to find what really Ibra can offer us by the end of the season.

Barca Fans Need To Stop Crying!

This might annoy a lot of the fans. But this is the truth. Get ready for more "Park The Bus" strategy against the big teams in Europe. Remember that no team comes to Champions League to lose, so we should accept the fact that almost all the team maybe the exception of Real Madrid will use this strategy against us. Especially seeing how our midfield over-run the Manchester United midfield, no coach will dare to even think of beating us in our game. So gear up for more of tight defenses. And for the record I wasn't too much worried with Inter's strategy. They were better than Chelsea at Camp Nou, especially in the first half. In the first half they defended from the front putting the likes of Abidal under pressure. And for heaven's sake don't expect an Italian side to play the offensive style, they are the masters of defensive football. Champions League is where strategies comes into play and at times it becomes important "Not To Lose" games. And it's better we accept the fact. Speaking about defending from the front, this is some place Guardiola needs to lecture Ibrahmovic immediately. This strategy played a huge role in our success as it stretches the defense a lot and we did score a lot of late goals last season.

Will Guardiola Ever Learn?

Now people may kill me for questioning Guardiola's tactics. I never regarded him as a tactical genius. I always though he is more of a guy who brings discipline into a side. But there is no excuse from his part in not using his allowed substitutes. Guardiola never sees substitution as a way of changing teh course of the match. he mostly sees it as a time wasting strategy. Last season throughout we saw his doing his majority of substitution close to the end of the match. At San Siro also he did the same. He should have brought in Iniesta for Keita at the hour mark and should have given some playing time to either Pedro or Busquest. Fresh legs will do so well in breaking a tired defense and he needs to learn this facts.

Keep the comments flowing about this discussion.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder nobody comments on your shit!

....Eto'o is spelled as such.
it is not Eto... or EeeTo as some Americans might say.

And no Eto'o did not just "tap" the ball for the most part. Eto'o was a striker that had clinical finishing. I hardly doubt that someone that thinks that those taps ins are easy to make has ever played a single minute of futbol in their lives. It is my opinion that Eto'o is indeed better than Ibra.
Screw the tall part, Barcelona are not a set piece play type of team. Let me ask you a question? - what is the style of play that Barcelona has?
To me it has had a certain rythm and fluidity that I cannot see in this team. However, Ibra is much more static in that sense.

I believe your article is full of very biased, if not prejudist opinion. The numbers speak for themselves.
IF anything Eto'o has been performing at a high level averaging 19 to 20 per season, mainly due in part because he was given the cold shoulder at real madrid and he vowed vengance for them letting him go to..... Mallorca!
Ibra does not play inspired, is not equal type of leader AND furthemore does not inspire others to perform at high levels.

Eto'o and his high level of performance was contagious!!!

you suck even more than you think and even more than me.

Bibin said...

Thanks for comment...

But I believe you have missed the whole point in the post. I always regarded Eto as a better striker than Ibra. He is the perfect striker to fit into Barca style. Please go thru earlier posts to get a view on that. The post was written with a firm understanding that Ibra may not complement Barca style fully.

As far as the tap-ins are concerned, I never said they are easy. they are a result of the great anticipation and vision of the strikers. All the great strikers possess that and Eto definitely possess that in huge quantity. But the point I was making was that Bojan is more of a centre striker in Eto mould(may be a Raul mould). Just go through the goals he scored in his opening season, they were all tap-ins. And the point I was mentioning was that Bojan could complement Barca's style of play more than Ibrahmovic at the present time. i cannot ask Eto who is playing for Inter to come and score goals for Barca.

Now you are blowing the Eto'o spelling thing too much. I don't see you complain when I shorten Ibrahmovic as Ibra. And for the record I know very clearly that Eto is spelled as Eto'o.

Now for being biased - let me ask you, who isn't? But blaming me for being preferential to Ibra ahead of Eto is the biggest non-sense I have heard. I have always sound my displeasure of seeing Eto leave and being replaced by Ibra.

Now for the shit! thing. Buddy I do agree I am not a great thinker, writer or any of such crap. I write about whatever I feel about barca and football. I am an electronics engineer so you have to excuse me not being an intellectual.

For heaven's sake post with your names.

hungeryjack said...

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Anonymous said...

there are no comparison between eto n ibra what about ronaldinho the undisputed idol of barcelona

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