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Sep 7, 2009

There are reports emerging there is a high chance of the La Liga fans in India missing out on this season's actions. ESPN Star network had the right to telecast La Liga last season. The fans had already missed the opening day matches but was pinning hope of ESPN-Star network bagging the rights late on. But now it looks like that is a non-existent option. ESPN STAR Sports paid 1 million/ year last season for the telecast of La Liga action. In most times they showed deferred and truncated matches; but still La Liga fans were satisfied as they could catch some actions of the same. La Liga matches start late in the night in India and ESPN STAR Sports has decided it does not make economic sense to air the same. Now the only Barca action we will be hoping to catch will be the Champions league actions, which will be aired by Ten Sports and Zee Sports.

In India Cricket has more priority than football. Actually a minority watches football matches. Cricket survives because of India and that will be given priority ahead of any sport. The difficulty in succeeding in a game which is played all over the world is the reason why football never gets any huge fan following. As far as cricket is concerned only nine countries plays it properly and so there is high chance of success. This season the major stars of the game is playing in La Liga and the non-telecast will be determental for the promotion of the game in India. The only option will be to stream it on internet if you have an unlimited broadband connection. Sites like and will help you in that.

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