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Sep 14, 2009

Ok, This is one of the most dissappointing moment for a La Liga fan. I did contact Cheryl Long, Manager, Corporate Communications, ESPN STAR Sports regarding the telecast of La Liga this season in India. He has replied confirming the news that they will not be telecasting La Liga this season in India. He also has confirmed that they don't have the rights to show highlights package. Now with ESPN-STAR Sports out of the picture we only have Ten Sports to depend on. I tried to contact them but there is still no reply from their part. I will write to them again and see what they will reply. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Otherwise streaming in Internet is the only option. I do agree that it is a not so great option, but it is better than nothing. Even though I am heavily dissappointed I would like to thank Cheryl Long for replying to my mail as early as he could.

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