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Apr 29, 2009

Valdes - 7.5 - Had kind of a quite night apart for the double save against Drogba. That denied Chelsea an away goal. How valuable was the save we can say only in the second leg.

Alves - 7 - Was theatrical throughout the match. But defended well. He should stop his unnecesssary play acting as it cuts the rhythm of the side. His crosses were poor apart from the one which set up Bojan header.

Marquez - 5 - Not much to do throughout the match. But his mistake which put Drogba infront of goal could have been worst had Valdes failed to deny him. And the night was made worst by his injury.

Pique - 7.5 - Decent performance, especially against the might of Drogba. But like his partner he also gave away the ball in a dangerous position.

Abidal - 7.5 - Solid performance. He was good in the left flank cutting down Essien's every effort. Most probably will have a greater job in the second leg.

Xavi - 6.5 - Obei Mikel marked him out of the attack. Could not find the usual self in attack, but was good in defense and regaining possession. But in a high profile encounter like this we expected much more from him.

Toure - 7.5 - Solid as Usual. Cut off most of Chelsea's attack and always won well against a defensively minded Cheslea midfield. But held the ball a bit longer when Barca ventured to attack.

Iniesta - 8 - Was decent in attack and defense. May not have created havoc as expected. But was a constant menance for Chelsea. He was the only one in our attack who used a bit of imagination.

Messi - 6.5 - A bit of run here and there, and some shots from outside box, that summed up Messi's day. Bosingwa's decision not to get out of their box meant he had no space to maneouvure with.

Eto - 6 - Never linked well with any of the players. But created a gem of a chance, should had the composure to pass the ball to Henry who was left unmarked.

Henry - 6 - Not a great performance and faded rapidly after the injury. But did troubled Ivanovic with his pace early on.


Puyol - 6.5 - He looked confident when he came in and almost had a good game but for that yellow card. Now he will be missing the return leg.

Bojan - 6 - Should have done better with the header, otherwise looked lively than Eto.

Hleb - 6 -Had a great chance but was denied by Cech.

Man Of The Match - Peter Cech

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Ir. hydir said...

Barca is frustrated
that is summed it all especially Messi..

btw .. Puyol might get Red card for challenge against Malouda.

2nd leg will be more adventurous from Chelsea :)

Bibin said...

There is a bit of dissappointment in all Barca fans and players. That is clear from the player's post match comments. If Puyol wasn't red carded, then we didn't win the penalty (there was a legitimate case for that) nor Ballack received the second yellow for challenge on Iniesta.

But I believe it's more Barca players to blame for stalemate. Bojan had great chance, but the best chance fell for Eto, if only he had passed the ball to an unmarked Henry.

As far as Chelsea being adventurous, I doubt so. May be Barca's midfield didn't create too much chance but they did control ball in the middle against a powerful and strong Chelsea midfield. So I expect Chelsea to play the same way, parking the bus in the box. Chelsea will be adventurous only if Barca scores first. Chelsea will be looking to score a goal like the one Scholes scored against us last season. If we can keep that out then Chelsea might open up in the second half.

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