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Aug 11, 2020

Barcelona start as only the second favorite in their match against German Champions. Will they be able to create an upset or the nightmare of 7-0 defeat make a comeback visit?

Messi Scoring against Bayern Munich

This year's Champions League tie has moved into its final leg with the Quarter Finals starting from tomorrow night. The Coronavirus impact has created a drastic change in the way the Tournament is organized. Gone are those beautiful home and away trips concept!

Anyways with the Stadium being empty, the home advantage matters very little. There is no intimidation visiting an away stadium. So the decision by UEFA to conduct the entire tournament from now on as a single-legged tie seems perfectly logical.

From now on all matches in the competition will be held in Lisbon, the place where the final was originally scheduled. Barcelona will be facing Bayern Munich on Friday at the Estádio da Luz stadium in Lisbon. The final also will be held here. It's not surprising that there is a consensus emerging that the winner of this tie could emerge as the potential champion!

Do the one-legged Tie offer Barcelona an Advantage?

If Barcelona manages to get past Bayern Munich, the confidence that will install on the squad could be immense. There could be no stopping of the team after that. But it's easier said than done. Bayern is the most informed team in Europe and in Lewandposki they have the most in-form player in the whole World.

Here is the tie being a single-legged tie offer Barcelona a slight advantage. Despite Barcelona's struggles this season, the Messi factor looms large over any opponent. Like in the match against Napoli, he needs only a couple of minutes to seal a tie in favor of his team. The team has shown time and again this season that if he can do that, they are capable to somehow hold off the opponent!

Barcelona will not proceed further without Messi producing heroics like this. The good news is that Messi needs to produce it only once against each team. That was Barcelona's biggest problem last year, where his heroics from the first leg against Liverpool were undone by his teammates and the Coach in the second leg.

Does being the Underdog help Barcelona?

Let's be honest, Barcelona starts in this tie as a clear under-dog. Many do not expect anything other than a grand thrashing at the hands of Bayern. But this actually could turn in our favor.

Bayern is expected to attack us from the Word go, and that will offer space, something so precious for Lionel Messi. He is usually strangled for space but against Bayern, he may be afforded the same. At the same time because of the Euphoria surrounding Bayern's brilliant form, there may not be man-marking on Lionel Messi. If they leave Messi unattended, he could finish them off in a few minutes.

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