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Nov 14, 2019

 Five Most Impactful Players at FC Barcelona

Més que un club. Barcelona has been one of the most impactful teams in football history. The club has won record-breaking numbers of trophies and has been home to some of the biggest legends the football world has ever seen.

Throughout the years, Barcelona has been dominating LaLiga and the Champions League, thanks to the world-class players and the perfect team harmony. They always had a clear vision of their goals and they always achieve them. So, with that being said, we wanted to give you a small list of some of the players that had a massive impact on the team’s gameplay and its successes. But, before we dive into them, let’s check Barcelona’s odds for 2019/2020.

Barcelona in the 2019-2020 Season

There is no doubt that Barcelona had a weaker start of the season, but they finally managed to climb back on top. That is why the club is still considered as the favorite by the online bookies. The club’s odds of winning the domestic league are 1/2. Barca is also in the top 3 list of potential CL winners. Currently, their odds are sitting at 13/2. Copa del Rey is also a cup where Barcelona is the most likely team to lift the trophy with odds coming at 2/1.

A side note for everyone that is betting via online bookies though – many bookmakers have excellent promotions and free bets in store. Before picking the site from which you will place your bets, make sure you research the online bookies. This Coral bookmakers review, for example, has all the information that you are looking for.

Barca’s players are also dominating the charts. They are favorites to be the top goalscorers, Ballon d’Or winners, etc. Messi's odds to be the best goalscorer in the CL are 10/1. The odds for him winning the LaLiga Golden Boot are 1/10. He is also one of the favorites to win the Ballon d’Or – his odds are 9/4.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the odds, let’s head over to some of Barca’s most impactful players throughout the years.

Carles Puyol

Puyol served as the captain of the team from 2004-2014. He proved to be a vital part and was a fierce leader on the pitch. Many experts have described him as a lion that will do everything possible for his team. He was also a big fan of fair-play and numerous videos show him enforcing that philosophy. Puyol retired in 2014 with over 20 honours in his name.


Xavi spent the majority of his career at Barcelona. He started in 1991 as a part of the youth system and he was praised as one of Barca’s key players during the club’s peak period. Xavi was an irreplaceable part of the midfield and was giving 100% on every match. He parted ways with the club in 2015 and retired in 2019. He is speculated to be the club’s future manager.


A true magician with the ball. Watching Iniesta drag the ball from the midfield towards Barca’s front line is the equivalent of witnessing Mozart creating his symphonies. Iniesta had a leading role in Barcelona’s gameplay together with Xavi. Experts have stated that this duo was possibly the greatest midfield duo that football has ever seen.

Johan Cruyff

Cruyff is considered as a father figure for the football fans. During his prime, he was the best player on the pitch and after he retired, he proved that his football intelligence is off the charts by becoming a very successful manager. Johan is the creator of the tika-taka playing style, which was adopted by many teams today.

Lionel Messi

And finally, we have the greatest player to ever step foot on a football pitch. The man himself – Lionel Messi. He holds numerous records in the game and is not planning on slowing down. There is no doubt that a player of this magnitude will never be replaced at the club, which is why he plays such an important role. Although Messi had a slow start and struggled with an injury this season, he picked up the pace and is dominating the football world again.

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