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Feb 10, 2010

Barcelona based Sports daily Sport and MundoDeportivo both has reported a story about FC Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas reaching an agreement about the players transfer. Joan Laporta, before his tenure expires is expected to bring the Catalan star back to the club. There were reports emerging from England about Arsenal writing to FC Barcelona to stop pursuing their Captain in public. Now the club has to negotiate with Arsenal for the players transfer in the summer. Arsenal is reported to be offering Cesc an improved deal which will see him becoming one of the highest earners in English football. Nobody knows which story is true and we may have to wait till the end of this summer to get an answer. Cesc Fabregas is reported to be increasingly frustrated about the lack of silverware at Arsenal.

The agreement says Cesc will sign a five year deal with Barca and will take home a salary less than Iniesta and Xavi. Now that will be again a bone of contention. Another problem for Barca will be how much Arsenal will be asking for their Captain. Many consider that a price tag of 60 million may be enough for bringing home Fabregas. Again all these reports could emerge as just imagination of some wild thinking media person. Anyway guys I am starting a poll to see where you all thing Maxwell should start against Atletico Madrid. He has never looked heabvily comfortable at Left Back this season. But against Getafe he was sensational on the right. So will it be good to use him at Right, as he was complementing Messi throughout the match.

UPDATE : Club has announced a statement clarifying that no agreement has been reach with Cesc Fabregas - FC Barcelona Announcement

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Unknown said...

1st. I think no need to for Cesc now just give Jonathan some playing time & we will see the new Xavi pop up in no time , Jonathan is copy paste of Xavi he is great just need playing timme ... if we need to sign a new player in with the same features we need David Silva although i believe in Pedro's skills & improvment soon ...

As for Maxwell we rather let him play left back & puyol right back as Puyol performing well always when he fulfill this position .. Ihave another formation which might look strange but Kieta can do the job on the right back this match shifting Puyol to the center back with Milito & Maxwell on the right "" This looks weird but Tacticly it's good""
It's my humble openion

Bibin said...

Quite agree with you on Cesc.

I never though of that formation, it's a good one, we used it in the latter part of UCL final

Unknown said...

Yeah Kieta can do the job there on left back .. Guardiola used him twice last season when wAbidal was fired with red cards ... he is fast ,skilled & using left foot ...

Chgrinsky with Milito will be disaster with forlan & Aguero ...

quophi said...

fab will be a great signing but very bad for himself(i don't know which role he would have looking at the midfield we have now- the kind of midfield which sometimes keeps him out of the starting 11 for spain and which actually made him move to england). like Ghassan said we have Jo Dos-santos around and my favourite T alcantara who i see would just fit into the midfield of our team easily shd xavi or ini be out. what we need to have is a motivated ibra.

CEB II said...

Looks like another rumor from the Spanish press to me. He's exceptional, no doubt, but do we actually have a true need for Cesc anyways?

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