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Feb 15, 2010

Barca were handed their first defeat of the League this seasonat the Vicente Calederon by Atletico Madrid. Our last three visits to Vicente Calederon has ended in defeats, and this stadium is quickly becoming a nightmare for every Barca fan and player. Two early goals from Forlan and Simao were enough for Atletico Madrid eventhough Ibrahmovic pulled one back for Barca. Barca's night was made more terrible by Keita's harmstring injury. He is expected to be out of the game for four weeks. Guardiola with all his problems at defense decided to start with Jeffren at the Right Back position. Puyol, Milito and Maxwell started at their usual position. Barca midfield included Xavi, Keita and Busquets. The front three had Iniesta, Ibrahmovic and Messi.

Barca Defense Struggles from the Start

Barca started the game in the wrong fashion. Seven minutes into the game Keita pulled up with harmstring and was replaced by Pedro. That was made worse in the ninth minute when Reyes managed to get past Iniesta and Busquets, played a great ball pass Puyol to find Forlan's run; Forlan cooly finished past Valdes. It was criminal from Busquets to let Reyes skip past hi opening the defense. With a makeshift defense we needed our defensive midfielder to be strong. In the 18th minute Aguero should have made the scoreline 2-0, but he decided to square the ball to Forlan after breaking Barca's offside trap; Puyol recoverd well to cut off the ball to Forlan. But in the 22nd minute Atletico Madrid finally made it 2-0, with a great free kick by Simao from the edge of box. Ibrahmovic pulled one back for Barca in the 27th minute from a corner after Puyol flicked the ball to him.In the 33rd minute Ibra unleashed a great shot but Atletico custodian, De Gea made a great save.

FC Barcelona Showed no Intent in Second Half

Everyone was expecting Barca to fire from the start in the second half. In the 56th minute there was huge chaos in Atletico's box with some desperate defending keeping Barca boys at bay. But after that Barca looked like a unit who was not at all interested in equalising. In the 64th minute Puyol pulled out a great challenge to cut off the danger from Aguero. Messi had some hopeful runs and shot in the half, but none was good enough.

This was one of the worst performance by the FC Barcelona this season, especially the second half. Busquets proved that he has to go a long way in making good impact in tough games. Xavi had a horrible night. The defense looked fragile. The only good thing about tonight's match was Ibrahmovic ending his goal drought. But I was not too impresed by his overall performance. His lack of speed means that we were never able to catch Atletico defense on counter.Iniesta had a good night, so did Messi but with Xavi struggling they couldn't make much of an impact.

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Unknown said...

What a horrible performance from the whole team , the only two that did their job was Puyol & Valdes no one else did his Job.

Messi was selfish & small-minded, Xavi did one of his worst games throught the past 2 years Both right backs did nothing & we were playing with out the whole right side!

Ibra did his best to adabt in the wrong game but he moved alot & tried to do the job though he didnt reach his top, Bousquts was our main weakness point thriugh the game , Inietsa did his part in dribbling but defence rule!!

Maxwell did some good movments intermittently , Milito still not at his top & can't adjust for speed attack lie that & his performance with Grtafe was deceiving , Pedro did nothing & it was one of his worst games & Henry not playing for the 4th match in a row!!!

Hope that we can come over this game as i told before this game will be decisive & the most important game to continue the race with Madrid.

Hope that things will get better & our fittness staff need to over look for the warming up strategies before games & in traing sessions as we lost 4 players during warming up ( Chigirensky, Alves, Abidal & Kieta)

I'm so disappointed & having deep fears from the dark of the future!!!

Again & Againa kicking Martin Caseerec to Juvi was one of the deccissions that cant be understood from Pep ,as i said before he is the best replacment for Alves in such games!!!!

Dania Cahrles said...

it was indeed very disappointing to loose this all important match. I dont know why we keep loosing against Athletico when very small teams keep beating them. From the very start of the game when i saw Jeffren, in that position, i knew it would be very unpredictable. With Keita's injury, the deed was done. I knew there was no way Busquets was stong enough for matches like this. I still dont know why he is more favoured than Toure, the guy needs to grow strong. With Ibra i just wept at the sale of Etoo, Ibra is no match at all, he has brought no new dimession into the team let for say a very terrible and poor finishing. I just imagine how Etoo would have troubled Athletico's defence last night but the great man was no longer there with us. It serves Pep right cos he takes some decisions that are absolutely very questionable at some times. He better get his acts together and get the team back on track as no one would forgive him if its a trophyless season. Is this how we shall go into the champions league, then we would be a laughing spectacle at the hands of Chelsea if we ever get to meet them. I believe we dont have a complete striker yet. We should go for the likes of David Villa, Silva and Suarez from Ajax. Lets give our youngstars some more time. I never expected Jeffren at that position yesterday. Keita would have done better at the back cos he is strong while using Iniesta in his regular and making use of Pedro or Jeffren in that left wing. So sad we lost, well we could get up in our next matches. Madrid still got their hurdles in front, and we still got ours, so its no time to slip at all. With all our injuries many of which are spanning a month recovery, dont know how we shall pull thru. well thank God the likes of Pique and maybe Toure will be available in the next match.

nana said...

i couldn't watch the match last time but i can only imagine how badly we played. from all reports thie question of pep choosing sergio over toure still remains to be answered even if toure is fit.anyway where is titi henry? i can only understand messi selfishness. by now he seems to have lost faith in ibra like he did when henry was in his first season. ibra needs to work harder. it would have bn better if pep started him from the bench. he puts no pressure on opposition defence and this is something he shd look at.
on Jeffren i can't blame him. like i said i would have played Jeff,Messi and Pedro in this match as my attackers.
We will surely win the la liga but we must not loose sight that tougher matches lie ahead(valencia is just one of them)

Bibin said...

Great analysis by all of you. I still believe Maxwell looks more comfortable at the right side. For me moving Iniesta out of midfield is a no no, at any cost.

I never liked Ibra signing. We need a pure CF with loads of speed, which Ibra is not. He is a great player with great skill. But with all our talents we don't need another guy at CF doing the same.

I have repeated many times that Busquets has to improve a lot. But many won't listen. I believe Toure is the best we have because, he is more defensive minded. That is the assurance our midfield want when they break forward.

In two of the biggest matches of this seaosn - Madrid and A.Madrid, Busquets was pathetic. I cannot think how he will perform against a physical English side in CL.

Unknown said...

I'm really disappointed cuz we didnt get no result nor performance!!

As Quique Flores said they will win if we did our worst game & they played their best & they did & we did !!!

The worst player last night was Bousquets & Pep didnt even thought to replace him ... OMG i can't think more about that game .. last season we lost but i ddint feel harm like this time ...

nana said...

anyway.. i guess there is more harm coming our way. xavi is now out for 2weeks.

Bibin said...

This is going crazy...

Bibin said...

Whenever Milito and Puyol play together, they never seems to be in sync. Milito before getting injured looked good when he played along with Maqrquez. Why is it so?

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