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Sep 19, 2009

Some of our friend has started a i-petition to get La Liga Telecast in India. I am not sure whether this will make any diffrence. But sittying here idle also is not going to make any change. So this is one of our last resort. I want everyone to sign this petition. Once we have garnered enough signature we can take these to the Sports channels and give them the exact amount of fans whom they are depriving of a chance to watch the League. Guys don't think whether it will be effective, just get you voice heard. And always remember together we will be a force for these channels to reckon with.

Please sign the Petition Here - Get US La Liga Telecast Petition

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Anonymous said...

Hope this works.
Otherwise next will be "chakka jam" outside ESS office in India wherever that maybe.
I haven't seen national news channels like NDTV pick up on this story as well.
Its like some sort of conspiracy almost,with EPL bosses putting pressure maybe to kill of LaLiga,its entirely possible,Those guys are
fucktards, anythings possible.


Bibin said...

I will join you in that... They cannot ignore La Liga anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks a lot for doing your bit in spreading the word. But there is s change in the url for the petition. This is the new one:

Would be great if you could update the link on your page. I have anyways put a notice on the earlier page regarding change in the url.

Thanks again.

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