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Sep 14, 2009

Ok, This is one of the most dissappointing moment for a La Liga fan. I did contact Cheryl Long, Manager, Corporate Communications, ESPN STAR Sports regarding the telecast of La Liga this season in India. He has replied confirming the news that they will not be telecasting La Liga this season in India. He also has confirmed that they don't have the rights to show highlights package. Now with ESPN-STAR Sports out of the picture we only have Ten Sports to depend on. I tried to contact them but there is still no reply from their part. I will write to them again and see what they will reply. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Otherwise streaming in Internet is the only option. I do agree that it is a not so great option, but it is better than nothing. Even though I am heavily dissappointed I would like to thank Cheryl Long for replying to my mail as early as he could.


Cesc Pistol said...

Hi, I'm from India too, I just found your site and it's a shame that ESPN-Star won't show La Liga.
Good to have some final confirmation atleast.

It was never their priority and one can only hope that TENsports will pick up the rights and give better coverage as certainly ESPNStar's priority was always EPL while Tensports (and Zee sports as well hopefully) will look at it as their main football league, if they get the rights.
Here's hoping that they do. And hopefully they'll provide as good a coverage as ESPN-Star gives to EPL and Neo Sports gives to Serie A and Bundesliga.
The only problem ofcourse will be the clashes with cricket matches.

Bibin said...

We are not yet clear whether Ten Sports will go for it. But Cricket will be definitely given higher priority. But then it should not be a problem as most of the La Liga matches starts way past midnight.

Khalid said...

I am from Pakistan and I am NOT happy because ESPNStar is not going to show La Liga games. As Cesc rightly said La Liga was never their priority. They only want to dish out PL.

I had written to ESPNStar, Ten Sports and Super Sport asking them to broadcast La Liga games in Pakistan and in Indian subcontinent as a whole. I have many friends in Pakistan and India who follow La Liga and now have to use live video streams.

Ten Sports have replied to me that they would like to broadcast La Liga but cost is prohibitive.

Still I would ask all who read this to send their opinions through email to all sports channels who show soccer games. Let them know who you are, your location and what you want.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic and disastrous to miss La Liga and probably the best La Liga season ever. So the decision by ESS must be final, though still it's difficult to digest ESS's decision. ESS seems to be too proud with EPL and cricket properties they have. As for what ESS has done on La Liga, we curse them, not be able to renew EPL rights next season onwards.

Still a faint hope lies in Ten Sports. TEN have said the league is asking a huge sum and perhaps 10 times more than they could get from advertisers. Still they have not totally denied the telecast. If TEN aggressively tries to promote and market the League on its platform (incl. Zee Sports)like what ESS is doing for EPL, probably they can acquire enough sponsors and advertisers. It all depends on TEN's strtaegies and marketing plans and hard work to sell the League. Who wants to see SPL and Dutch League as a substitute of La Liga? And for the argument that La Liga is kicked off late at night, I am very sure that La Liga can get as much viewership as Champs League which also kicks off after midnight. And btw, lot of La Liga matches are also kicked off in between 9.30pm to 11.30pm (Indian time) incl. clashes of Real and Barca matches. So friends in India pls call up TEN and persuade and request them humbly to think seriously over it bring us the league which is definitely the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

Man what a crusher.
I am not even pissed right now,its just ridiculous.
ESS has a dedicated Cricket channel but can't get a Football specific channel even when Football watching audience in Asia is higher than Cricket.Sheer mindlessness on their part.
I seriously hope they get bankrupted or something ,i'll be glad to see them go down.
I hope Tensports doesn't continue their EPL teams whoregazing antics in telecasting only EPL teams on Champions League Match nights.

Bibin said...

Forget ESS getting Bankrupt... They make millions from EPL.

Anonymous said...

That won't go on forever now can it.


Ujjwal ...Nepal said...

It is very worst news. Espn-Star telecast used to be very good but i do not prefer Ten Sports. I have already seen their biasness in the telecast of champions league. they only telecast PL teams matches and their commentry is not so good.Also picture of zee sports is worst. They give priority to cricket only .It won't help La liga loving fans.

Cesc Pistol said...

Does anyone have the contact info for Tensports and Zeesports?

Bibin it would be a good idea if you could make a new post with all the contact info of all the sports channels and request all fans to contact them.

Anonymous said...

Hi,as everybody said plz post all contact info of all sports channel where everybody can contact them and pressurize them to telecast la liga on subcontinents as early as possible where we missed already two matches..

Anonymous said...

Involve everybody,ask you friends their friends to tell those networks we want la liga.
Do this in social communities [orkut/facebook,etc]

Unless all we are left with are sas-bhau channels keep going.


Bibin said...

will these steps help. Anyway there is no point in contacting ESPN. I did write to TEN SPORTS but didn't get any reply. If you have some other mail id of TEN SPORTS put it here.

Khalid said...

Those who want to write to sports networks, go to their webpages and look for feedback link. There you can write them a message.

Email of Super Sport is and they also have a feedback option.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Maldives, we are missing out on La Liga as well. Will contact Ten Sports as well.

Anonymous said...

go o officil site of ten sports n plz beg dem..

m tird of liv streamin shit..
cnt b liv dey nt buyin laliga rights of dis seasn..

Anonymous said...

how about goal tv they r giving live la liga matches.

Anonymous said...

how can i watch goal tv in india?

Bibin said...

I don't think we can get GOL TV in India....

farhan said...

its sad that we get to suffer courtesy espn.. i wud love to watch la liga as the competition bw la liga n epl is at its minimum reduced point this season infact i rate la liga better than epl this year..

tholal said...

i am from Maldives a love to watch Spanish la liga .i am 1 of the fan of barcelona but this season there is no way to watch spanish la liga. so pls pls pls will you people do some thin us to watch spaniis la liga

Anonymous said...

I am from Bangladesh and I think Super Sports are telecasting La Liga in Bangladesh. Though you have to buy a digital box for 100 USD to be able to watch it.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to see the plight of all of you and your inability to watch La Liga. I am a Indian staying in Dubai and fortunately because of the football crazy public, they telecast every single football match in the world "live" . you all wont believe that I didnt miss a single Real Madrid pre-season practice game either. Its very sad that no one is ready to acquire rights for La Liga. I guess what they need to learn is the way they should market the same. I dont think any league right now is bigger than La Liga. But I guess ESPN star, ten sports and others need marketing people to sell it to sponsors

Anonymous said...

I spend 80% of my time on tv watching ess and i know thre r lots n lots more like me all over da country. doesnt ess have some kind of responsibility twrds us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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