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Jul 2, 2010

June 25, 2010 - South Africa - Football - North Korea v Ivory Coast FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 - Group G - Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit, South Africa - 25/6/10..Yaya Toure celebrates scoring Ivory Coast's first goal.

Quite strange, isn't it? Yesterday there were reports that Guardiola is having a re-think on Yaya, but today the news has been confirmed that Manchester City has secured his signing. This ends a rather long transfer speculation. Now Yaya will join his brother Kolo at Manchester City, meanwhile Guardiola would be out in market for a decent holding midfielder. Javier Mascherano doesn't looks like the replacement, but you can't judge what Guardiola would be upto. Last season Valencia demanded 50 Million for Villa, we decided that it was 8 Million more costly so we went and signed Ibrahimovic for supposedly 70 Million of total cost. So I still expect us to still sign Mascherano. Toure will be joining David Silva at Manchester City.

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Unknown said...

the saddest day for a cule! This looks a lot like the sale of makelele. I hope it will not be our downfall like it was for real madrid when they sold makelele. On the other hand I dont understand why toure chose city, because now he has to compete with nige de jong, and all the other midfielders. city has more midfielders than barca.

I hope Mascherano will cement the huge hole. Still economically it does not make sense. Fabregas with Toure - would cost 48 million. and now fabregas and mascherano would cost 80 million or something. And that is IF we can buy mascherano.

quophi said...

i just love yaya but it's soo sad seeing him leave.

i read this from goal.com and i was really touched

"This year has been very difficult for me. Sitting on the bench and wait to play has been more complicated. I would prefer going to have to collect rent money from people who can't pay."

"This team has the best players in the world and it's not easy for [Pep] Guardiola to choose who should play. Pep knows football, he is a very good person who I have great admiration for and I cannot say anything bad about him.

"I am sad because in all those years I only had to Barca in the head and now I'm out. I'm very sorry because the club is in my heart. My time in Barcelona has been perfect. Here I have my best friends and always thought to end my career here. "

"I want to thank everyone for what they have done for me. The people of Barcelona are very good people who know a lot about football. I have no words but to apologise to all the people who wanted me to stay.

"I don't feel that I am a person who leaves Camp Nou. I am convinced that some day I will return. My heart is in Barca and some day I will wear this shirt again. I am quite sure. Barca is the club of my life."

Monch said...

It was a pleasure for every Baca fan all around the world to have Yaya in the club. He will be always remembered by us as a great Barca man with a greater heart. I have the honor to have seen his first official goal for the club against Athletic Bilbao. What a great shot man!. I totally agree with his decision to leave FCB. He is too valuable to seat always on the bench. I do wish him all the best where ever he goes. I am really concerned about losing African players. They give us another perspective in the vast world of football. They help us to be loved in the warm birthplace of mankind. They create the purity of human soul in the team. Let’s hope we will be able to keep Keita and always honor the work Etto'o did for Barca.

Anonymous said...

Yaya we will miss you, we hope to see you shine to the very best, so we will coming cheasing after you.

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