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Jun 2, 2010

Finally it looks like the FC Barcelona management has realised the need to find a replacement for the aging Henry. All of this summer's transfer saga has been around Cesc Fabregas. As I have written earlier Fabregas to Cost 80 Million, Barca were looking like losing focus of the bigger picture. But the latest set of rumours emerging is good news for Barca, which clearly shows an effort to strengthen the front left of attack. If the reports are to be believed, then FC Barcelona is trying to secure the signing of either Juan Mata of Valencia or Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich. It looks like both interest are in some early stage and we may have to wait and watch how these evolves. It is also to be seen whether these will have any effect of the attempt to sign Cesc Fabregas. I have earlier written an article the pointing out the benefits in signing Robben instead of Ribery, a target for Barca for sometime. The major benefit at that time looked like the price but now it is becoming clear that Bayern will not let Robben go cheaply.

Barca may have to shell around 40 Million to get the signature of Arjen Robben. That puts Mata as the ideal choice for Barca. Mata's buy-out clause is close to around 30 million and Barca will be expecting to sign him for less than that. David Silva, meanwhile another target for the same position could be very costly as Manchester City, Manchester United and Real Madrid has expressed interest in the player. The benefit with Mata is that he is pretty young and has shown immense talent. But Robben as I written in my earlier post, offers someethings Barca don't have at this moment. His long range strikes could be very handy against teams who crowd the box with players. Both these players have played in the past for Real Madrid, Robben in the senior team and Mata in the youth and Castila.

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