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Jun 12, 2010

La Liga fans in Indian sub continent will be once again deprived of the opportunity to catch 2010-11 season Live on television. ESPN-STAR has confirmed to me that they will not be telecasting the 2010-11 season, due to terms that were not acceptable to both parties. This happened last season also. Real Madrid's big spending saw the broadcaster asking ESPN to pay more which they were obviously not ready to do. La Liga telecast usually happens after mid-night in India and due to that ESPN-STAR is reluctant to pay more(due to lack of advertising, maybe). Last year when ESPN-Star announced their decision, we all hoped Ten Sports could do something. Even though they gave some hope, but nothing happened in the end. So this season also don't expect TEN Sports to come and save you as none of them are interested. The only hope is to stream via internet, like we all did last season. You can watch matches online at MyP2P.

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Anonymous said...

This is really sad. I was hoping that ESPN would resolve this atleast this year.

Everyone's out there for money. They don't care about the fans.

Anonymous said...

I also have no broadcaster in my country (Estonia). I know India is a big country and there are a lot people who would like to watch, but there's also an option of watching online and that's not too bad.

Bibin said...

Guys it would be great if you all put your name while writing comments

Khalid Khan said...

One year has passed but the story is the same and so is the frusteration of many in the Indian Subcontinent.

However since last year my cable operator airs South African channel Super Sport 3 which broadcasts La Liga in Pakistan. It is not fully dedicated to La Liga but show La Liga games only after English Premier Leagues games (even of bottom clubs who no one maybe interested in) are finished. Still I manage to catch most of Barca, Real and sometimes if played late then Valencia and Sevilla games as well.

So might as well your cable operator for Super Sport 3 in India.

Lastly, how can La Liga get a larger fan base in Indian Subcontinent when Mediapro will ask for top dollar in an untapped market.

Vishnu said...

Zee Sports have the laliga rights for India

Varun said...

Any source for that?

Anonymous said...

Realy Bad News.......Real madrid & Barca Has Number Of Fans In Malabar Side Of kerala is a Real Cheat..........(By A Socker Fan From Kannur)

Ibra said...

YESSS. News is here

Guys in India please try to confirm from ZEE/TEN

Bibin said...

I tried contacting them but till no response. Does anyone else have any other confirmed info?

The Nino86 said...

Here's a link on youtube - Looks authentic. Guess La Liga has managed to make its way to India?

Unknown said...

Guys its confirmed.. la liga being telecasted in Ten-Sports this yr.... hurray... im so thrilled after missing it last yr.... esspecially after spain winnin the WC its gonna be more fun.... FORCA BARCA>>>

Bibin said...


Can you send me some details about the confirmation, so that I can confirm the same with a post. Or you can give me the contact address where I can enquire the same.

Anonymous said...

ten sports will telecast live la liga 2010-11 matches i saw it on tensports that la liga is coming soon on tensports i am soooo happy and thanks tensports

Anonymous said...

Valencia is financially down,as it need to get more good players to stay on the table.I TS BETTER if some Indian gaints take valencia and save the club.

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