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Jun 14, 2010

New FC Barcelona's president Sandro Rosell celebrates after winning the elections in Barcelona June 14, 2010. Rosell will be the next president of Barcelona after winning a landslide vote among club members on Sunday, the Spanish champions said on their website. REUTERS/Albert Gea (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

Rosell's election could see Barca moving away from it's traditional Liberal idealogies

Sandro Rosell, has been elected as the new FC Barcelona president bagging a whooping 61.35% votes in the election held on Sunday. Of the 57,088 votes polled, Rosell won 35,021. Benedito emerged second in the poll winning 8044 votes whereas Ingla and Ferrer won 7014 and 6168 votes respectively. The resounding majority has to be seen as an approval of Sandro Rosell's right-wing Catalan policies by the socios of the club. After the announcement of the winner, Rosell stated "I want a Barça that is Catalan, Catalanista and open to all supporters outside of Catalunya, I want a Barça that will recapture the world's imagination and one that unifies and does not separate while being committed to the country and to the causes of solidarity."

I can guarantee you that he didn't meant an iota of what he said in that speech, especially the latter part. Sandro Rosell run his campaign on the promise of protecting the Catalan identity of the club and alienating the club from foreign members. So it would be ridiculous to think that he will do anything different from that during his tenure as Barca President. The high turn-out and the high margin of victory means that the members also would like to see the club moving in this direction. There will be a majority of change in the club, starting with the post of Sporting Director. Txiki Begiristain will be stepping down and most probably we may see Cryuff's honorary President post being stripped also. Sandro Rosell is an absolute pure anti-Cryuff man and it looks like he believe he knows football better than Cryuff. But the history of the club shows it very clear that we had two great Golden periods when Cryuff's influence in the club was at its best. One of the strangest things with success is that we tend to forget a lot of things.

After Txiki who will be targetted next is yet to be seen. Most probably it would be the foreign fans who are trying to be a part of the club. But I have a strange feeling that it could start from La Masia. Rosell has been raising his concern about the influx of African players in the academy. It is reported that he even made a statement that these African players are taking the place of the Catalan boys. When quizzed about Messi(whether he consider Messi as a person who took Catalan boys place) he avoided it saying that it was down to legal documentation. I don't know what they call such a man in Catalunya, but everywhere else there is only one word to describe such a philosophy and man - RACIST. In one thing I am happy that Rosell is not much of an enthusiast to bring Cesc to Barca. Don't consider this as a result of his footballing acumen as he recently said that he would try to sign Torres(For what bloody purpose, God Knows).

Then he has this beautiful plan to open the Barcelona shirt to sponsorship. So get ready to see a betting company or a financial giants( the guys who put the world into such mess) on our shirt below UNICEF(maybe it will remain there). There was serious doubts whether the members will allow such a thing, but it looks like the members absolutely love such an idea. Atleast now we will know really about the financial situation of the club. Rosell has been saying that we are in deep mess, whereas Laporta has been assuring contrary to the same. Now we will come to know who was the liar. Everyone will be waiting to see whether Rosell gets down to implementing his election promises from the day one or will water it down. But with a thumping referendum he would be forced to employ all of the same. Hope the history books will not write this day as the day FC Barcelona ceased to exist as "Mes Que un Club"

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Eric said...

Your blog, your opinion. Nothing wrong with that, but a bit biased. When you take Rosells statements about african players at La Masia out of context, they might seem racial. But to call Rosell a racist means not knowing him.
ALL members wanted to limit membership. And also that has it's reasons. I don't like it either, but I can understand the thinking behind it.
And he's not anti-Cruyff. What he doesn't want is someone who interfears while having no position in the club and faces no consequences after wrong decisions. And the appoint Cruyff as honorary president was a good thing, but Laporta shouldn't have done it without the blessing of the members. And that's what Rosell wants to do in that matter.
A members voted for Rosell. You wouldn't have (or didn't), me probably neither, but when such an overwhelming majority do, we might have to question our doubts. Okay, we might not like it, but that's no reason to think it's a bad thing. Michael Jackson's not my thing, but Thriller must be a great album, otherwise not so many millions would have bought it. A little objectivity never hurted anyone.

Bibin said...

Just because majority of the members approves it, doesn't makes something right. Rosell played the Catalan card perfectly and that what's shown in the election result. It's an old political tactic.

"After all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." - Hermann Goering

I am not comparing him to that bloody Nazi. But just pointing out that this has done by a majority of right wing politician with huge success. His comments on Serbians, Russians and Chinese becoming members perfectly fit into that mould. Yes, I am totally agreeing to your thoughts of me being biased. But it comes from the fear he has managed to instill via his campaign.

Bibin said...

People goes blind when nationalism is raised. Look around the world you will see it perfectly.

Eric said...

Good point, bibin, but to call someone a racists because he wants to limit membership and show preference to local boys for La Masia doesn't mean he's a racist. He has valid points for both issues. He could've put it better, no doubt about that, but he's not saying that he doesn't want foreigners because they're foreigners. And from what I've heard, he's supporting several charities in Africa. How does that fit into the picture.

Okay, he wants Barça to be a "Catalan Club". What else is new? If you don't like this, then you probably also didn't approve of Laporta. He got more moderate in the last couple of years, but some of his "political" statements, something he exploited the club with, made my stomache turn.

Monch said...

Catalan people may believe Sandro is a good nationalist. To those who are very old supporters of FBC , he seems to be one of the most anti Barca directors. He is said to be linked with big businesses, against the club´s youth academy, in favor of removing the word UNICEF from the shirt. It is said that he wants to turn international fans of the club into secondhand fans. One has to know the role of foreign friends of FCB and the Catalan nation is so huge that nobody can deny it easily. The foundation of the club and the blood which was offered during the civil war are the evidences.

Anonymous said...

"Sandro Rosell run his campaign on the promise of protecting the Catalan identity of the club and alienating the club from foreign members"
You really don't have a clue what you're talking about. Rosell was the only candidate who contacted and meet with foreign penyas and socis during his campaign. And to call Rosell, who is on the Mandela committee racist is just laughable. You have no clue. Also regarding shirt sponsorship, have you noticed in nike logo on the shirt, the Gol Sud Nike, Regal fc barcelona. In my opinion it's not a big deal.

Bibin said...

"And to call Rosell, who is on the Mandela committee racist is just laughable."

That is the biggest problem buddy. A person who is in Mandela comitee (don't say that he is elected by Mandel, he was elected because Samaranch backed him), makes statement of sort. When asked whether he considers Messi also as a person who has taken Catalan boys ("our boys" that's what he said) he answered that it is a matter of documentation. How can he say something abouth African kids in academy and suddenly say a different thing when asked about a non-black person. The attempt was to exploit the tension that is prevailing in Spain between African imigrants(that's why the term documentation) and Spanish nationals. The sad thing it is said by a person who is in so called Mandela comitee. What an irony. He is in that comitee, because of the PR leverage.

Unknown said...

I've been thinking long about your post, and I would like to give my 2 cents on it.
I'm Catalan, although I live in London, and I've been living here and there for the last years, I'm a Barça "soci" and I still keep my seat at the Cap Nou as well.
I did go to Barcelona to vote, and I didn't vote for Rosell because I didn't think he was the ideal candidate for being our new president, nonetheless 61% voted for him and that deserves some respect.
This campaign has been quite harsh, and lots of bad stuff have floated around.
The African kids thing... I'm sure he didn't say that in that exact context.
About the new members he made clear that still anyone can be a member, but the first step for becoming so would be having a "Barça follower" membership for 3 to 5 years (not decided yet) since around 30% of the members stay just for a year and being a club member should be something not out of a fad, I would like this not to be this way but clearly having only 92,000 seats at the stadium and 171,000 club members is not a good situation to be in.
I do understand the worry of the club members to keep the Catalan identity of the club, this is not only a club but also a simbol of Catalonia and Catalans being as we are we're always a bit zealous of protecting what's good, but normally the "seny" prevails in most cases.
As a club member for the last 33 years I can also tell you that if Rosell goes overboard with any of this he'll be sacked so fast his head will spin, Laporta got a no confidence vote in which 60% voted to sack him for way less than that.
As for now I'm personally a bit deceived with the election results, but... we need to give the new president some margin, at least a year to see where he's going and if he's deserving of the it.
And personally thanks again for keeping this blog, it's very refreshing to hear Barça news from people outside Catalonia, and gives me some quite needed perspective from time to time :)
Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya! :)

Ola said...

I have been a Barcelona fan since 1993, currently live in the United States. I am also a member of the Club and pay my dues faithfully even though I am foreigner. I think what Rosell said about the African players is despicable. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. It does not matter if he is on any board, let's call a spade a spade. Furthermore, the way he has treated Johan Cryuff is malicious. For the first time in many years, I am anxiously watching to see what next Sandro will do, and hopefully he will not end up alienating us foreigners that have loved the club and financially supported the club for several years. I fully support developing local talent and maintaining a good balance of local talent and foreign talent, but that should not be used to stoke anti-foreign sentiments with derogatory words like "documentation". God bless FCB

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