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Dec 3, 2019

Ernesto Valverde himself may have lost count of the number of times Lionel Messi and Ter Stegan have saved him this season. Valverde might be offering secret prayers to these two; nothing else explains him still having this Job!

So, Barcelona won against Atletico; nothing new there. It was a routine victory. Happened exactly the same way we have faced the majority of the top teams this season, especially away from home. We were second best in practically everything, barring two - having the Best Player in the World and also the Best Goal Keeper in the World.

Some of those saves, Ter Stegan has done were literally mind-blowing. It bordered the thin line between fantasy and reality. And then, Messi! What else you could say? He did what he always does, win Barcelona the match!

How Long will Ter Stegan and Messi save Valverde

The cries of #ValverdeOUT has been reverberating in Barcelona circles for so long now. The fans could see that this team will go nowhere with this man and the inevitable collapse is just around the corner. But the Board and the President differs. They back him for these various reasons I have explained earlier.

If you ask most of Barcelona fans for their Christmas wish, it will definitely involve Valverde getting kicked out of the Club. But despite their prayers and wishes, the two most important players in Barcelona squad is literally keeping in the squad. Whenever Valverde's position was in doubt, these two have shown up and saved his backside time and time again.

It's not a secret that Messi is the only reason why Valverde has won so many trophies. It's just that the Champions League is so difficult to win it all alone. He almost did it last season, but to be undone by a brilliant Liverpool side and horrible team management by Valverde. From the last two seasons, it's not Messi alone saving Valverde; the new entrant is Ter Stegan. The kind of saves he is producing is mindblowing, and he deserves to be awarded as the Best Goal Keeper.

Barcelona fans are caught in a Catch-22 situation. They desperately want to be this season a very successful one (at least winning the League and Champions League). But at the same time, it's very difficult for that to happen with Valverde in charge. Messi and Ter Stegan needs help to win it all, and the sad thing is that Valverde is not even understanding that! If luck favors us, then these two players could lead us to another treble, but Valverde is the elephant in the room and he can spoil everything with his magical touch!

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