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May 23, 2011

The Club has confirmed that the team will be travelling to London on Tuesday night

Ok, many of you would have already heard the news... No it's not about Giggs and his Super injunction, its about that Volcano eruption of the Volcano whose name is quite tricky - Grimsvoetn. Last season there was a similar Volcano eruption which disrupted our travel plans to Milan. We had to make a two day bus journey and it took a heavy toll on player performance. Compared to that Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull you can atleast spell this one. As the experts says this is the biggest eruption of this Volcano in last 100 years but there are some good news. The ashes are quite thick and that should see it falling back much faster compared to last year. Whatever it is, it is expected to disrupt the British air traffic atleast from Thursday and that could see us travelling a bit earlier. There are some alternative to Bus service available to make it to London. We can fly to Paris and then travel by train from there, so on. But teh best option will be to fly over their. May be our players have to take their families along with them. On a brighter side an early arrival will give us more time to settle in with the mood and climate there. By the way the picture above shows the boot we will be wearing at the final.

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