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Jan 30, 2010

FC Barcelona will be back tonigh at the place where their dream run started. After begining the last season in the worst possible way in ages, Barca got back to winning ways with a 6-1 thrashing of Gijon at El Molinón. The senario for Barca in the League is different from their last visit. Last season we were looking desperately for a win when we visited here, in contrast We are sitting comfortably at the top with a five point lead this season. But Barca would do good with a good victory here. The Deportivo - Real Madrid match will follow our match. Considering that Real hasn't won at the Riazor for 19 years, it would be great for Barca to putr additional pressure by winning the Gijon match handsomely. As far as the squad is considered Alves is out with injury and Keita will miss the match through suspension. Guardiola has announced the rest of squad which travel to El Molinón - Valdés, Pinto, Txigrinski, Piqué, Márquez, Milito, Puyol, Abidal, Maxwell, Touré, Sergio, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Pedro, Bojan, Henry and Ibrahimovic. The controversial selection point once again will be - who will Guardiola pick at defensive midfielder position.

Valdes is a certaining at the goal. With Alves injury, Puyol is expected to play the right back role. The centre defense should see pairing of Milito and Pique together. Maxwell might be selected ahead of Abidal. Xavi and Iniesta is destined to run the midfield. But all eyes will be on who will play the defensive midfielder role. But going with Gaurdiola there is no doubt that Busquets will be pickled ahead of Toure. Gijon won't be a great opponent especially in dominating midfield and I don't expect Guadiola to give Toure a chance to perform as a good performance from Toure may put pressure on Busquets. The front three might see a change tonight with Pedro replacing Henry on the left along with Messi. But Ibra is expected to hold his place. Once agains we may have to depend on Messi, Iniesta and Xavi trio to see us through this match. It is not a abd thing but this will be a good time for Ibra tio get back to form. I predict a tight match but Barca emerging on top 0-0 in the end.

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quophi said...

barca won but again ibra was his usual self.(just too bad for barca) yet pep kept faith in him. he showing no signs of improvement.pep should know the more he keeps on using this non-improving player the more he affects the morale of players. how do players feel when they see chances wasted when they do all the dirty work behind. this guy needs to start from the bench. he will learn better there. like coming on to score against madrid.we need him to hit top form before champions league resumes.. barca forever

Unknown said...

Nana , i do agree & i don't about Ibra..

He is a great player & he will coe back to shape soon he just need one or two goals & he will explode again .. don't forget how he strated with us he scored 11 goals in 13 matches, then if u want to take alook for our offence Henry not doing the job as well & pep still giving him chances it's not about scoring only it's about position also ...

The problem originally was from Pep that he didnt get any new player except Chigirinsky & he sucks !! we need a left wing badly replacment for messi & henry incase of injuries ... a bench player that can accept be a replacment when needed ..

that's only my openion no more :)

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