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Jun 2, 2009

FC Barcelona will be having a along and much tougher next season. We will be fighting for six trophies altogether as I explained in my previous post. Guardiola has already asked for a larger squad that means we will be going to the market looking to buy good re-inforcement. Guardiola has also said that he don't want injuries to hamper his team selection like the way it did in Rome. More over Gudjohnsen and Hleb will be moving out this summer and you need decent cover-up for them also. Now to make things more complicated for him, there is a bunch of youngsters who are knocking on the doors. Bojan case could be tricky but I expect him to stay as there are more matches next season for him. Then there are the likes of Pedro, Jeffren, Muniesa, Sanchez etc who all has to be given decent time with first team. Otherwise we might see many moving out in coming summers. Now this could be a real nightmare for Guardiola.But every pundit agree on one fact that FC Barceloan has to buy big this season. Injuries to some stars put us in some serious pressure recently and we don't want a repeat of the same.

When we say about a re-inforcement we most probably has to look in a position by position basis. So I will start from the back. Victor Valdes has been fighting for a contract on par with the big guns in the side for sometime. FC Barcelona recently has sounded positive in handing him a contract which is agreeable to both the parties. And his recent performance in League and Europe do merit a new contract. But FC Barcelona should definitely try to sign a better goal keeper if available like the likes of Cech, Buffon etc. If they are not available, Valdes will remain our first choice but we have to bring a decent back up for him, as a second choice. Jorquerra should be allowed to leave and should be replaced by a young goal keeper. Oier Olazabal did impress me but may need more time to be competitive in the premier league. Now comes the centre back position; if people thinks we need reinforcement there, they should be crazy. Puyol, Marquez, Milito, Caceres, Pique and most probably Henrique to choose from; I don't think we need anymore there. Next is the full-backs; we definitely need re-inforcement there. Someone like Lahm would be ideal as he can play as both full-backs and we already have Puyol who can play in both position. There are reports of Barca going for Lahm, let's hope all of these work-out.

Now we come to the engine of Barca - the midfield. We have the best trio in there with Iniesta, Xavi and Toure. the likes of Busquest and Keita can cover for them. But we saw this season what happens when we miss either of Iniesta and Xavi from the middle. So we need a real creative head as a cover for any injuries to the wonderful duo. Valencia's Silva will be the most ideal choice as he can play in the front left also. That means he will be the perfect choice for two positions. The name of Fabregas is also heard for that positionl; eventhough he would be great, he will be more costlier than Silva. Upfront also we need some re-inforcement. First we have to tie Eto to a new contract. Then we should buy a decent striker who will have no problem in starting from the bench. Someone like Martins of Newcastle could be a good choice as he is surely talented and will add a bit for threat in air also. We also need to have a cover for the aging Henry and who else sould be perfect than another French Man - Frank Ribery. The most ideal choice for that left position would be Kaka and Ribery but we will have to fight really hard with Real Madrid for one of them. Barca has never shown any intereste in Kaka, so we can discard him from the list. But there is a host of clubs which are after Ribery. So we have to wait and watch, how these story develops.

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