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Jun 10, 2009

If reports by El Mundo Deportivo is to be believed then the deal to swap FC Barcdelona striker with Eto with Inter striker Ibrahmovic is all done. The daily reports that Barca will offer an additional 10 million plus the service of their star centre forward for the service of the swede. Guardiola rates Ibrahmovic high and believes that he is more suited to his plans than Eto. But Ibrahmovic always was considered a big match flop, his performance with Sweden in major competition does make that belief firm. Whatever, there is no doubt about the fact that he is more talented than Samuel Eto. But is he the kind of striker who we need upfront? I am not sure, someone like Villa would have been perfect. But then Madrid is reported to have almost got hold of his signature. Zlatan Ibrahimović along with Kaka is the highest paid footballer in Europe and that could be another problem for Barca. FC Barcelona could easily match his salary but then have to raise the salaries of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta to match Ibra's. At 27 he has some playing time left and that could be good for Barca. Meanwhile El Mundo Deportivo reports that Ibra is desperate for a switch as he believes he can win the Champions League with FC Barcelona.

The early negotiation with Inter were reported to have broken down as the Inter president was first demanding the service of Eto plus 40 million. Then there were reports that he was looking for a swap between Iniesta and Ibra, but Laporta would be killed if that happens. Meanwhile looks like have picked the star they want in Barca this season - David Silva. They have run a story describing that how he loves Barca style and the club. There is no doubt that he is the perfect signing for Barca but we have to fight heavily with Madrid for his service. Laporta in the mean time looked to have taken a dig at the high price transfer of Kaka to Madrid, he is probably right in pointing out. But I am tempted to ask this - Where is Platini? He made so much noise when Manchester City almost signed Kaka, why is he silent now?


Jerry Stiles said...

Zlatan will be a great fit for Barca. Viva la Barca!

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