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Jun 7, 2009

The initial impression from the transfer market gives us an impression fo a lack of direction from FC Barcelona mangement. Eto looks like is out of Guardiola's plans and now there is rumours that Yaya Toure has rejected a improved deal. Yaya Toure has been one of our best players from the last two season, but he still earns much less than his team mates. Guardiola in the begining of season was not much fond of this great Ivorian - Is It Good-Bye Yaya, but he simply proved Guardiola wrong by being a colossal in that attacking midfielder. Guardiola constantly preferred Busquests and Keita in the defensive midfielder role in the begining but later he gave an impression of admitting the fact that Toure Yaya was leaps and bounds above the two in that position. But when you analyse this new problem with the deal and the constant linking of Mascherano to Barca, you have to admit whetehr Guardiola runs the team with some preconceived notion. Couple this with the rumours of Eto moving out of the team this season, you seriously doubt Guardiola. Guardiola seems to prefer Ibrahmovic to Eto and in most probability we will see him leave this season. I am not a big fan of Eto's behaviour but I believe he is the best center-forward which complements Barca's style of play. And unsettle him without clear back-up plans is suicidal.

Barca's initial attempt to lure Ibrahmovic looks to have back-fired. There is no clarity about Benzema. Again there is no proof that both will do well at Barca. Ibrahmovic plays in a team whose playing style is completely different from what Barca follows. In that sense Benzema could be a better choice. Same issue is there with Mascherano; I seriously don't think he can play the way Toure plays for Barca. If we are going to have both of them it could be good. But leaving Toure out for Mascherano could backfire spectacularly. Barca is still in hunt for the left-back position but again there is no clarity of whom we are targetting. Eevryone wants Lahm to be there but till now in this transfer window, we haven't hear Barca making any approach for him. Ashley Cole and Riise both have been linked, but will be very difficult to sign. Diego Forlan's signing also could be tough as Real Madrid with all their riches is supposed to be behind him. The biggest trouble could be in midfield - Silva is negotiating with Madrid and Fabregas is in everybodies radar. There is a high chance that Barca management will unsettle the likes of Eto and Toure; and maybe in the end has to still retain their service. That could potentially seed troubles in the dressing room. Guardiola's preconceptiona and Iron-hand approach are not making life easy either.

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