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May 2, 2008

Txiki Begiristain, the Barcelona director of football, has given ample indications of the changes lying ahead of the team. He said and I qoute here "“The poor performances make changes an obligation”. Now we have to make an analysis, and the decisions will be made at the send of the season.Getting to Moscow would not have changed any of things we have decided. We don’t improvise, neither before, or after. Everything is ready but needs time. The changes will come in the end”. Barcelona fans and media were ringing up the decibels to see some changes in the side and if we can read between his lines then we might be inline for some big changes at the end of season. Txiki Begiristain in this interview have made it clear that its the players who need to be blamed for this abyssmal situation, not the board or the official. It would be easy for him to say that, but how much media and fans are going to buy into his assesment is a big question. Barcelona board indeed is as responsible as the players and the coach in this situation. They have let lose the players, which naturally have backfired when the players started to have off seasons. Let's take the example of Ronaldinho, he has been accused of drinking a lot and getting indulged in too much of parties and all. But the truth is he has been doing this from the begining itself. Two seasons ago also he might have partied the same way he has been doing this season. Nobody complained or raised an eyebrow then, why now? Everybody started to question his dedication when he started to have off season. The truth is Barcelona board and official never found the necessity of getting the acts together. Its easy to say that "we have a problem" when everything is going wrong, but it takes immense courage to stand up and say the same when everything was going great. if Barcelona board took a little interest in the state of affairs in the team, this moment would not have come.

When quizzed about Rijkaard's future, he has this to say "Rijkaard has done an extraordinary job, he is an honest club man. He has to find a way to end the season in a dignified fashion and remind us of the things he has won. This is the time for intensity and unity in the four remaining games.” Now that gives enough indication of where Rijkaard will be next season - Out Of The Club. But there are enough indications given that Txiki might be hitting the panic button too hard. His comments on new players who will be brought in is kind of tricky - ” It seems the club is looking for a new kind of player. The new players will have to offer immediate results. They have to be prepared, be mentally strong and able to lead and perform through difficult times”. Now that rush to turn things on its head might derail the syatem completely.

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